Make these Silly Marionette Puppets in Kids Craft Camp!

Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp

Summer sun is shining and kids are in swim lessons, making stuffed animal forts, dripping popsicles all over the place, playing tag and then dramatically draping themselves on the floor and the couch announcing “I’m BORED” – all by 9 AM!!! Time for an online Kids Craft Camp! Where you can put a set of 8 videos & a few simple supplies in front of them and let them go at it. Great projects are included like this marionette puppet who is sure to provide hours of giggles and creative performances. I know my kids are obsessed. Sign up here and share your creations with the hash tag #kidscraftcamp!

Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp

Marionette Puppet Theater | Mer Mag Kids Craft Camp

Make-a-Face! Apron Pattern


We’re knee deep in Kids Craft Camp planning and I’m in the process of sewing a set of Make-A-Face aprons for all the campers to wear while getting creatively messy. I thought other artsy kiddos would be interested and wanted share the pattern with you too! We’re really loving them here so far. You can make this for your child or have them help with some of the steps as a sewing project).


Materials Needed to make this Apron:

  • 3/4 yard of Thick cloth such as canvas
  • 1 pkg of 1/4″ double fold bias tape
  • thread to match apron fabric and color of bias tape


To Make the Apron:

  1. You can download the template/pattern for the apron here.
  2. Print out the pattern. I would suggest emailing or taking it to your local printers and having it printed out on large paper (blue print prints are very affordable) or you could also print it out in tiles on your home printer and tape together. Cut out pattern.
  3. Pin pattern to fabric and cut out.
  4. Pin and cut out apron pockets.
  5. Fold under and stitch the top and bottom of pocket strips. Sew pockets onto the top of the apron. Use pattern to see where to sew pocket dividers.
  6. Repeat for the bottom pocket.
  7. Fold under the sides and bottom of the apron and stitch.
  8. Using your child as a reference, decide how long you want the apron strings and neck loop to be.
  9. Sew a strip of bias tap to top of the apron.
  10. Sew remaining bias tape to the under arms of the apron, continuing over the head and then back down the other side (using the pic below as reference).
  11. Now for the fun part! Paint on a simple face (bring your kids in on this part – maybe even have them stamp out a face using these silly face stamps!)



Have fun making more aprons with a variety of faces! These are also great for cooking in the kitchen our outside gardening. All the pockets are so handy for so many uses!

It’s Friday! (and apparently we need to go get some donuts)

Playful Boy Blowing Horn

Happy Friday friends! Has this week gone by too too fast for anyone else? I’m up to my neck in Kids Craft Camp prep and I’m so inspired! I can’t wait for the creative messy and playful projects your little ones will be doing. If you’re local (Utah county) and still want you little one to attend, we still have a couple of slots open. Just email me at merrilee liddiard at hotmail dot com.


And if you’re in need of more inspiration to get your weekend going check out these Weekend Links:


I want to make THESE COOKIES to go with our cardboard lollipops!

and speaking of which, I want to live in Gina’s serene, creative Swedish world

I’m only slightly obsessed with how she dresses

this has me giggling (and I sort of want to do it to our claw foot tub when we get one!)

can someone please tell me where i can find one of these shelves? NEED

EVERYTHING in this post. everything.

I could swing in sheets for days

having an itch to go blonde. am i crazy?

this guy. a legend who did his most iconic work when others would have quit. continues to inspire us all today.

oh and apparently it’s national donut day? I won’t fight it. so I guess my kids and i are off stuff our faces with these!



Interview and Playful spotlight in the Bloesom Gazette

Bloesem Gazette - Mer Mag Cover

So excited to see that the new issue of the Bloesem Gazette is out! And an image of our Duct Tape Trucks from Playful is on the cover (This is craft is a fav around our house)! It’s full of fun great design and diy’s for kids from the likes of talented ladies from My Cakies, A Merry Mishap and more. You can find a little interview at the end where I share why I think Play is so important for kids and a bit about one unforgettable behind the scenes moment with Playful!

You can pick it up for free in Singapore or browse it online here.

Make a Set of DIY Cardboard Lollipops and Play Sweetshop!


We made a set of sweet make-believe lollipops out of cardboard the other day and it was so fun! They are perfect for playing candy shop or using and invites to a birthday party (just put the info on the back, wrap in plastic, tie with string and present to your guests!). You could even use them as cute cake toppers at the party.MerMagCardboardLollipops

Head on over to Minted today to get the full DIY. Perfect weekend activity to do with your little ones!

lollipopDIY Cardboard LollipopsDIY Cardboard Lollipop(Sweetest summer dress from Olive Juice Kids. )


New "Thumbs Up" Print in the Shop!


Jon recently finished up with his first year teaching acting, theater & debate as we also directing two High School plays. So needless to say he deserves a BIG thumbs up! And if you have a teacher or graduate (or just a friend who deserves a pat on the back) this new print, in the shop now, is perfect for them.

Double Doodling

double doodle girl - mer magI’ve recently been introduced to the concept of double doodling thanks to Jean of the Artful Parent. Basically it’s when you draw/doodle with both hands opposite each other at the same time (you can see a video Jean put together about it here).

I had a go of it and this sneaky little girl came to be. I like how my left hand is sort of the wicked step child of my right (and I i think I like her devious messy ways).

Unlike a lot of artists, I actually am right handed. But I’ve been able to do a few things with my left hand – like I put mascara on my left eye with my left hand rather than using my right hand for both eyes and can sometimes doodle with it. What about you? Right handed? Left handed? A bit ambidextrious?

Either way you should definitely try this. It’s great for activating both sided of your brain…and fair warning…you’ll get addicted! I’ve got a pile of double doodles just lying beside my desk! And I know my kids are going to go nuts for this too!!


Playful French Industrial Picks of the Week


Remember when I posted about style and the evolution of your voice? And I how I came to coin mine as “Playful French Industrial” (because Moody Modern Peasant Weathered Playful French/Russian Industrial with a touch of Bohemian just seems waaaaay to long. ha!)? Well I thought I would share with you some of what’s inspiring me over here from time-to-time. (You can always find what I’m pinning in my Playful French Industrial board too).

Take for example the amazing vintage industrial organizer shown above. Want one. And those hanging baskets. LOVE.

Gloria Rodriguez

These school girls really speak to me. Like they are about to turn the corner and come upon another wall painted completely in red. And then a blue one…like their world is made up of solid primaries. I love the weathered look to the stone too. I find I like bright primaries with a bit a wear and tear. 66-9th-Ave-EcoFriendly-Apt-7-kitch-eating

And how about this inspiring dining room?! I love the playful elements that are allowed to dwell here amongst the sophistication. And that floor to ceiling pin board. I mean really?! I NEED to have one.


If you don’t know of Sonia Delaney and her patterns, you should look her up now. So lovely. So inspiring. a74e604108183a1e76ee5facc9882d4d

I had to throw our little puppet in here. He’s a favorite around here and with all the kids in our online Kids Craft Camp. He just makes me smile to see him wiggle and dance. It’s like he’s meant to join these super cuties in their production below. I love each one of these tots for diff reasons and love to think about what they were thinking of when this picture was taken. I’m quite sure the second white rabbit is thinking “Yeah mr. cone hat here to my left thinks he’s the star of this here production, but I’ve got skills just waiting to explode out of me. Just wait, you’ll see.”


Something about this little darling in her messy creative space below has me inspired and wanting to make. I read something somewhere about allowing a bit of “squalor” in your spaces and I’m all for that. I love a bit of clean minimalism here – but then joined with a jumble of beautiful mess there. If you came to my house you’d see exactly what I mean (it’s a crazy mess most days and sometimes I love it. Other times I want to clear it all away and have open spaces and empty palettes like the yellow wall above. I’m creatively manic like that).


Oh and I want to dress like her.


Playful French Industrial resources from top to bottom: great work space | yellow wall | creative dining room |Sonia Delaney print |wooden bead puppet |cutest performing group of little ones darling girl in creative study

Playfully Made By You!


It’s so exciting and inspiring to see all the things you and your little ones are creating from my book Playful! I’m going to start doing rounds up for you to be equally inspired! Like how cute is Meta’s little fair maiden and knight? I love how they each made it their own. And that pom-pom fringe!! I happen to know that Henrik is very much into nights so this makes me especially happy to see.


I love Evie’s wooden doll face necklace via Nicole (fabulous Playful photographer!). How cute is it (more…)

Join me for a Local KIDS CRAFT CAMP this Summer!

Mer Mag's Kids Craft Camp Info

I’m so excited to share that I will be holding two KIDS CRAFT CAMPS this summer. If you’re local (Utah County) we’d love to have your little ones come and create, play and craft with us!! It will be held in our new shared Hinterland Studio in Springville, UT.

We have lots of fun stuff in store including collaborative group projects, individual crafty creations, exploration of art and materials and loads of playful fun! The curriculum will be different from the online camp (save the camp teepees which will be one of things we’ll make on the first day of camp) so if you’ve taken that one, you can still attend this one with new and inspiring art and crafts in store for your little ones.

Mer Mag | Kids Craft CampMer Mag |Online Kids Craft Camp

The two CAMP DATES to pick from are:

CAMP 1: June 22-26, 2015 and CAMP 2: July 27-30, 2015

Camp hours: 10am to 1 pm. (You can drop off and pick up but if you feel like your child needs you there for a bit that is fine too). Bring a sack lunch for your kiddos but I will also be serving a light snack and a drink (let me know of any allergies). There is a drinking fountain so water is always available.

Have campers dress in clothes you aren’t afraid to get a bit messy. We will be working with paint on some days, etc.

Pricing: Each 4 day camp is $150 per child. (there is 10% sibling discount after that)

If you’re interested please email me at merrileeliddiard at asap as spots are filling up FAST! Please include the names and ages of each child as well as any allergies, considerations, special needs and so on.


Mer Mag |Online Kids Craft Camp

Oh I’m so excited and I hope your little campers can join us! And if you’re not not local no sweat! We still have our online KIDS CRAFT CAMP full of fun videos, DIYS, templates and inspiration to keep your kids busy and inspired this summer!