New Doll Site Launched!!


160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1279Friends I’m so excited to finally share with you my new doll shop, It’ been a long time in the works and it’s almost surreal to see it finally come to life! Each heirloom doll is one-of-a-kind, handmade with a hand painted face. They are oversized at 26″ long (with the exception of the mini dolls) and are the perfect playmates, star gazers, tea party guests, snuggle buddies and the very best of friends.

160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot1_071 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot7_1705It was such a pleasure to work with photographer Chaunte Vaughn and stylist Meta Coleman as well as so many darling little models for this magical venture. 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot3_783b

160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot7_1800160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot6_1410b160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1284 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1325 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot1_049160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_1994SQ doll16 doll15 doll12 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_2135b 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot6_1479160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_2110

I do hope you’ll hop on over and grow to love our little friends as much as we do around here.



Doll Face


We had a fun time playing with some extra cardboard laying around the house (online shopping…you know the drill :0). I decided to make a little doll face mask for Miss M and my little performer loved it. She has her first ballet recital in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. She’s going to be one of Cinderella’s bunnies. Hop hop.

DollFaceMask  DollFaceMask3

Oh and everyday she insists on wearing tights or leggings (even though I tell her she doesn’t need them in the summer with her dresses). Her current favorite are these ballet ones with the heel holes. Crazy kid.

Meanwhile…at the Banister House


My goodness it’s been a long time since I popped in over here. I’ve been pretty active over on Instagram but I guess I needed a bit of a break from the blog format for a bit. Just long enough for me to be missing it again. I’ve been working on so many projects such as my dolls and the website which I’m working hard to get up this month. Oh man…so much on my plate and sometimes so much of me wants to kick it all to the curb. I’ve loved this journey I’ve been on but I feel a need for a change a bit. Not sure what that is just yet but I’m sort of tired of the social media world. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere but I am trying to find my place in it all as a mamma of three whose children are growing older and and one who is growing older right along with them (funny how that happens).


Looking at my oldest, seeing him and how he’s been on this journey with me for this whole creative blog journey. It’s been great. Creativity looks different for him today though. He’s always loved patterns, and art with order. Which is translating itself into math and programming. He’s really intersted in video game programming and really wants to be a You Tube gamer (oh boy). He loves reading too and is in the middle of the Harry Potter series with is pretty magical to see. Today he woke me up at 6 AM telling me he needed a Dumbledore costume stat for his fictional character dress up day at school. Thanks for the notice kid ;). So I made a quick beard and sent him off to school with one of my black drapey jacket thingys and Ollie wore his Harry Potter costume from last Halloween.

Well not two hours into school I get a call from his school saying he face planted on the playground after tripping on the Dumbledore robe. He told me he thought he’d look cool with the robe trailing after him as he ran (which no doubt he did) but it backfired on him. He was pretty shook up as he blacked out for a bit and couldn’t get up right away so I checked him out of school and let him rest and play puzzles (another one of those orderly things he loves to do) at home the rest of the afternoon. banhousemay1 banhousemay3 banhousemay5

I had Milla’s little cousin over today as well and the girls were the cutest little dress up crafters. They changes about 5 times and ended up in comfy clothes going nuts at the homework/craft table.banhousemay7 banhousemay9 (more…)

Easter 2016 recap


Easter came fast and furious this year and just at the tail end of some really big deadlines for me. So we grabbed everything from years past and made the best of it. Turned out to be just the lovely serene Sunday we hoped for filled with Easter magic.


the kids got up early excited for a hunt. And what did we do? well made them all take showers and put on their easter Sunday Dress of course (mean parents). So after a delicious breakfast of french toast the kids we’re able to dig through their baskets and then hunt for eggs in the yard.


We started a tradition this year of having a large gold egg and each child’s plate filled with one special toy. They loved it.


IMG_3770 IMG_3789



We also pulled out our pillow case bunny bags, and adaptation of our ever popular bunny pouch, for the kids again this year which they loved.


With Easter arriving so early this year I think we’re all still wondering how it all came and went in a whirlwind. But rest assured there’s still plenty of Easter candy left over to tide us over.

A ’10 Things I Love About You’ Birthday Cake

10 Things I Love About You Cake | Mer Mag

Our oldest celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday (I can’t believe we’ve hit double digits!) and we made him a ’10 Things I Love About You’ ice cream cake. We made the cake by layering several kids of Atticus’ favorite ice cream flavors (mint chip, cotton candy and birthday cake) in-between layers of crushed Oreos drizzled with caramel. We used Oreo cookie crust for the bottom of the cake. Then I pushed in an entire tub of sprinkles into the ice cream after it had been assembled and frozen for a few hours.

As a family we all chose words that made us think of Atticus and why we love him and then put them on little flags attached to skewers. He loved it and I know it made him feel particularly special on this day. The cake was super yummy too and was devoured quite quickly. yummmmmm.

Meanwhile at the Banister House…


I’ve been obsessed with industrial laundry carts not only for their vintage appeal but for their utilitarian aspects as well. This we our Schoolhouse Electric laundry cart arrived and I’m smitten with it. The kids want to race up and down the hall with it but I’m just happy to have a designated place for them to dump all their dirty socks.


Bows and a Bunny

mer magmer mag

About a year ago I found the most adorable vintage dress while thrifting in Colorado with my sister. I’ve been waiting for Miss M to fit it and now she finally does! So the other week we had lovely time playing hide and seek, drawing pictures and putting Free Babes adorable bows on Mr Bunny (who I’m hopping to have a few more of in the shop for Easter).

mer mag (more…)

A Playful and Foodstirs Giveaway on Instagram!

tiger and lion cupcake toppers | mer magFoodstirs + Playful giveawaytiger and lion cupcake toppers | mer mag; Foodstirs + Playful giveaway

Hi friends. I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with Foodstirs to give away both my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With and For Kids, and their amazing baking kits to 3 lucky winners! You’re in for a really fun and yummy time! Just follow me @mer_mag and @foodstirs, then tag 2 friends who would want a book and a kit too! All 3 of you may win! Winners will be selected on Friday morning. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.  (more…)