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Mer Mag |Online Kids Craft Camp

It’s been an exciting summer! Filled with a Midsummer party, an Enchanted Forrest family reunion, and now I’m thrilled to announce that I am offering an online KIDS CRAFT CAMP on ATLY! It’s filled with 8 easy, modern DIY craft projects, such as a marionette puppet, duct tape play house, a paper bird friend and more! A perfect range for kids of all ages. You’ll enjoy bonding with your younger kids on these projects and older kids, say 7 and up, should be able to do many of these on their own!

Mer Mag |Online Kids Craft Camp The class is filled with video instruction, templates, and step-by-step DIY photos, and even some bonus PRINTABLE TOYS to go along with their creations! Your little creative camper is sure to find this not only fun but very doable. Perfect projects to finish out the summer or to do anytime of year. Once you sign up, you have unlimited access for as long as you like!

And we’re offering an upgrade Feedback option where your camper can submit their creations for a gallery with the group as well as engage in constructive comments about fellow campers work. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have on the projects, supplies, creating with kids, setting up a creative station, encouraging creativity and more! This feedback option helps to make sure this experience is as easy, clear and fun for you and your child as possible!Mer Mag |Online Kids Craft Camp

So are you ready to get creative and little messy? Grab your little one, or put together a neighborhood camp where you all follow along each week!, and sign up for our KIDS CRAFT CAMP now!


Follow us on instagram at @mer_mag for updates and now our newly launched instagram account @kidscraftcamp for a gallery of kids work! Be sure to post work from the camp with hashtags #kidscraftcamp and #mermag. I can’t wait to meet my first set of little campers. Oh this is going to be sooo much fun!!!

A Midsummer Mingle: Part 2 A Walk Through an Enchanted Garden

MidsummerMingle20140621_0173Today I want to take you by the hand and walk you through the most magical garden experience - in hopes to share with you a bit of the special journey our Midsummer guests experienced. MidsummerMingleAponEntering

Not only did we want our Midsummer Mingle to be a fun and whimsical party but an experience for each of  you, our guests. Each host provided a space that was specific to their brand and current projects and shared a way for guests to interact and take part in their space. It was so delightful and full of pleasant and dreamy surprises and all around merry magic.

We asked guests to attend dressed in summer whites and after walking through the most incredible balloon arch (made by Brittany and interns) upon arrival, each were greeted with a floral crown and swag bag filled with lovely treasures from each host and darling earrings & sachets from Darly Bird and more. (Canvas bags were provided bay Save on Crafts -as was the incredible lighting throughout the space. I designed the flower for the bag which was created as an iron on using Cricut Explore.)

Ramblin Rose Cafe provided the food for the event and it was mouth watering refreshing. At the beginning of the event they served up the most incredible lemon lavender herbal tea which I am still dreaming about. It was a perfect sweet start to our tour around the garden. (and that camper…I mean c’mon!).


The first experience began with Camp Meta of One more Mushroom.


I mean just look at that darling tent and all the Pacific Northwest styling she has going on. I want to cozy on in and take a little summer mountain nap. Meta also had the sweetest polaroid cameras for guests to take photos of themselves and friends which could be placed within a paper frame.

Oh and I love how one of Henrik’s clay sculptures made to the camp. so perfect. She’s always so good with those little touches.MidsummerMingle20140621_0050

After camp guest were then invited to Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with Brittany of  The House that Lars Built. It was a magical floral wonderland filled with paper flowers, fabric and felt garlands, from Hello Maypole, paper lanterns and many more lovely things to delight the senses.

Midsummer Mingle House that Lars Built | Tip Toe Through the TulipsI just want to spend an afternoon here sipping lemon lavender tea and catching up with dear friends, don’t you?

Next came Sycamore Street Press and Eva’s minimal bohemian vibe complete with gorgeous inky indigo gift wrap covering walls. I heard guests mention that going from one space to the next was like getting in the brain of each host and visiting mini-lands. I think the transition from Brittany’s to Eva’s space was a perfect example of that. Going from bright light and airy sherbets to moody blues with a modern vibe was such a great transition. I love it!Midsummer Mingle | Sycamore Street Press

Eva invited guests to write what their favorite thing about summer was on sheets of her wrapping paper and then hang it up. Reading what guests wrote - campfires, farmers markets, stargazing, homemade ice cream, etc. - really helped set the stage for summer magic.

Midsummer Mingle | Sycamore Street Press

After Eva’s space guest’s climbed up into an enclave of A Midsummer Night’s Dream complete with art work, characters and masks by the lovely Sarah Jane StudiosMidsummer Mingle | SarahJane Studios I love how sweet her masks are. And her characters. And did you know that she’s doing wallpaper decals now?! So great.

Midsummer Mingle

After Sarah’s space guests walked down the steps to enjoy more refreshment such as these mouth watering cakes, made by Elizabeth Hammond, grape and basil toast, and watermelon mint water. They were also invited write notes in bottles which are to be set off to see with Blickenstaff’s.

I also had a station for guests to assemble paper floral crowns, from my upcoming book PLAYFUL!


The design can be cut by hand but it was fun to try it on a the new Cricut Explore machine as well. Makes it perfect for parties when you want multiples!


After the crown making and photo booth taking, guests were invited to adventure with Tiny Traveler Tilda, from my Tell the Tale with Mer instagram series. I made this map from a large drop cloth and Jon helped me hang it at the event (he’s amazing and helpful and handy like that).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I then invited guests to pin little flags onto the map where they thought Tiny Tilda should travel next. I loved seeing all the places you picked! I still have all the flags pinned onto the map and may just leave them there for travel inspiration. TinyTravelerTildaMapMerMagSpace2I also made a paper mache balloon for Tilda to travel in complete with a duct tape covered can for her basket (more on that DIY later!).MidsummerMingle20140621_0153From here guests could munch and mingle by the pool, listen to the Red Rock Hot Club band (an amazing gypsy band!), play with and learn more about Cricut in the conservatory, enter our raffle (see the raffle table filled with goodies above?! And I spy a sweet floral tent from Land of Nod hiding to the left) and make constellation candles with CaravanMidsummer Mingle |Caravan

Melanie had some of her lovely giant script printables on display as well as a few small versions prompting the scattering and sunshine and other delightful things for guests to bring home. Oh and she brought the sweetest wee babe with here…which she insisted on bringing back home with her even though we all wanted to stash her in our grab bags ;).Midsummer Mingle |Caravan

And of course one of the highlights for me was the amazing performance of the sweet maypole dancers. My Sister-in-Law, Mariann, just came up with the dance on the fly after watching a few you tube videos and her Color Guard girls did an amazing job of implementing it. I was so impressed with them!! It added such a sweet scandinavian touch to our event.

Midsummer Mingle Maypole

Phew! If you’ve stayed with me through all of this I hope you were inspired in some way. I know so many couldn’t make it person and there so many gorgeous photos from this event we all wanted to be sure to share as many moments with you as possible. And I hope it encourages you to enjoy every bit of your summer because, as the wise William Shakespeare once penned “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”


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A Midsummer Mingle: Part 1

MidsummerMingle20140621_0142 I’m so excited to say that we’ve received a great many lovely Midsummer Mingle photos from our photographer, Natalie Norton. I have a few follow up posts in mind, as the event was filled to the brim with amazing loveliness, so I thought I’d start out with just a few pics that make me smile with giddiness and give you just a bit of an idea of the magic of the night. MidsummerMingle20140621_0010 (above map designed by me  and letter pressed by Sycamore Street Press. Paper flowers by House that Lars Built.) The event (the brain child of the lovely Brittany, of House that Lars Built) was  put on as a big THANK YOU to all of YOU! And as Brittany says “we’re boldly calling it a smashing success”. (OK I added the “smashing” bit). MidsummerMingle20140621_0226 (In the above photo, fellow hosts: Brittany, Meta, Eva, Sara, Merrilee and Melanie) Brittany asked a few of us colleagues to join in on all the fun and we all jumped at the chance. Putting this on with dear friends who I adore and respect, House that Lars Built, Sycamore Stree Press, One More Mushroom, SarahJane Studios, and Caravan, was half the beauty of such an event (and can I just say we managed to pull of all this craziness off in just 3 weeks! Next year we’ll give ourselves a little more time. And yes, we definitely want to do this next year!). We know so many of you live far away and couldn’t attend and space was limited for locals as well (we ended up with about 300 guests when we anticipates a little over 200!) So we’re all posting as much as we can about the mingle to share it will all who were not able to make it. MidsummerMingle20140621_0083 We couldn’t have pulled this amazing event off without the help of lovely and liked minded sponsors such as Cricut. Stay tuned for more of our paper crafts from each of us (such as Meta’s darling paper frame pictured above)  made with their Explore. All of our sponsors, whom I will list later in this post, really helped to make it possible for us to set the stage for a magical and beautiful evening. Truly it was like three weddings all rolled into one night! MidsummerMingle20140621_0271Each of the hosts put together a miniature experience for the guests to walk through and engage in . Above you will see (an iphone instagram shot) of myself and my neices, who helped me with some of my experiences. We’re hanging out in SarahJane’s lovely enclave of midsummer magic. More on that in my next post but these pics share a bit of the interactive wonder each host brought to the Mingle. I spy some seriously gorgeous indigo dyed paper by Eva below! MidsummerMingle20140621_0093 And I decided that I simply must bring Tiny Traveler Tilda to the mingle! MidsummerMingle20140621_0150Can you see her flying in on her paper mache balloon in my space above? More on her and this map later too! MidsummerMingle20140621_0154 MidsummerMingle20140621_0160SMMidsummerMingle20140621_0236 (above photo of Melanie’s hand lettered notes) The rest of the evening was filled with overwhelming amazement and gracious guests (all dressed in summer white!). Balloon sculptures (by Brittany and her interns), jaw dropping flowers (hello Lizzy Bowden!), and the sweetest of sweetest Maypole dances choreographed and put on by my sister-in-law, Mariann and her color guard troupe. MidsummerMingle20140621_0270 I’m still dreaming about this event and often want to disappear back into this Midsummer Mingle land. Maybe next year we’ll make it a two night event because taking it all down was nigh unto the let down you feel when taking Christmas down at the end of the season. None of us wanted it to end. So it’s a good think I’ll be posting more! Just to keep the momentum of it all alive.


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sponsor poster

Thank you to our sponsors:

Cricut (stay tuned for our projects!)
Save on Crafts for the amazing lighting (seriously, they have so many wonderful options!)
Lizy’s Lilies for the florals
Ramblin Rose Cafe for the food
Called to Surf and Blickenstaffs
And thank you to the swag bag sponsors: Darly Bird, Atly, Hello Maypole
See more Midsummer Mingle recaps over on One More Mushroom, Caravan Shoppe, MerMag, Sarah Jane Studios, and the House that Lars Built. – See more at:

A Family Reunion and a Miniature Play Treehouse

mer mag  | miniature treehouse

Every year over the 4th of July my parents put on a big family reunion. My crazy fun loving family is big into themes so we’ve started to chose a theme each year. Past years have been Western, Summer Magic (or Vintage Americana), Hawaiian Luau, Pirates, 1776 / Yankee Doodle Dandy, etc. This years theme was “Enchanted Forrest” (which went amazingly well with our Midsummer Mingle!).

My mother designed this completely magical woodland miniature play tree house for the event and my father built it. If you ever have wondered where my obsession with making toys and lovely things for children comes from, this should pretty much sum it up. My parents are the ultimate magic makers. And this year’s reunion did not disappoint.

mer mag  | miniature treehouse

I really want to smuggle this lovely tree house home in my purse only it isn’t quite small enough. But I’m happy to say my kids will be able to play with it each time they travel to grandma’s house.

mer mag  | miniature treehouse

And I’ll share more “Enchanted Forrest” reunion pics when I get them! So much fun!

Mini Midsummer Mingle Recap

Mini Midsummer Mingle Roundup | Mer MagWe’ve been receiving photos back from our magical midsummer mingle event! So naturally I had to pop in real quick to post a little teaser post to share the exquisite wonder of this night that I will never ever forget. Ever.


1) top left: photo is taken by Brittany on Instagram and is of Nassari, owner of the lovely Flor de Luz Shop - specializing in gorgeous Mexican dresses (I want one!). She is standing in front of my Tiny Traveler Tilda Map (where I had guests pin flags of where they wanted Tiny Tilda to travel next!). Can’t wait to share more of this map. I think it’s going to be the new backdrop for my boys room…when they have a room of their own…in our new house…that we must get before the summer is out! ahh! (more on that later)).

2) top right: this is one of the sign’s I created for the event. An all too true Shakespeare quote: “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date”.

3) bottom left:  I shared one of my crafts, a paper floral crown,  from my book PLAYFUL (0ut this Sept. 6th but available for pre-oder right now for great deal!) to the first 50 guests to arrive at the party. Can’t wait to share more of these as well!

4) bottom right: We had to most special may pole dance performance put on by my sister-in-laws color guard group. I hear there is a video floating around somewhere which will help to convey the amazement but really, you almost had to be there. These little wood nymphs where so perfect.


Can’t wait to share more on this event along with my fellow hosts, House that Lars Built, Sycamore Street Press, Sarah Jane Studios, One More Mushroom, and Caravan Shoppe. Stay tuned for more exquisite loveliness!


Tiny Traveler Tilda | an Interactive Instagram Tale!

Tiny Traveler Tilda Map

Friends it’s been a bit quiet over her on Mer Mag lately. Which typically always means I’m up to my neck in exciting projects! For example tomorrow is our Mid Summer Mingle!!! I’m so excited and a little bit exhausted by all the late nights in preparation for this event. It’s going to be so so lovely!

I’ve also been working on a lot of illustration projects. Many of of which have turned into Instagram series such as Little Bits by Mer @mer_mag (#littlebitsbymer) – a series where I share an illustration and a little bit of a story to go along with. I’ve also started a Tell the Tale with Mer series (#tellthetalewithmer) where I unfold a story all with your help!. Tiny Traveler Tilda is the first #tellthetalewithmer story and with your help we’ve named this little adventurer, picked out where should would be going to, what she would bring along, what she would bring back and so much more!Tiny Traveler Tilda | an Interactiive Instagram Tale by MerThese are some of the illustrations from Tilda’s tale so far! It’s been so fun unfolding the story with all of your input. And because I’m unfortunately staying put this summer, this has also been a great way for me to indulge my travel bug a bit. Where would you want to see Tilda go? Follow me on Instagram @mer_mag to see how this fun and adventurous tale is unfolding and just how it will end! I truly can’t wait to share the rest of it with you!! And if you share and tag a friend I’m entering you in a drawing for a chance to win a finished copy of the story when it’s all through!


You’re Invited to A Midsummer Mingle!

A Midsummer Mingle party!

Friends I’m so excited to invite you to A Midsummer Mingle, an event the following amazing ladies and I have been planning! Join myself, Brittany of The House that Lars Built, Meta of One More Mushroom, Sarah of Sarah Jane Studios, Melanie and Alma of Caravan Shoppe, and Eva of Sycamore Street Press. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love and I owe so very much of that to you! And I want to thank you!! We all feel similarly and have consequentially decided to put together a beautiful celebration on the the longest midsummer day of the year! June 21.
The event will take place in a lovely garden here in town and each of the hosts will be sharing a little bit of magic with you all. And Cricut is our lovely sponsor so we’ll have a making station with lots of different things to create in addition to entertainment, food, and merry making!


Spots are limited so don’t delay! Grab a babysitter and RSVP early because once we’re booked, we’re booked.


This event is sponsored by Cricut as well as many other vendors like Save on Crafts. Email me, merrileeliddiard [at], if you’re interested in providing swag or would like to provide additional sponsorship to the event.

We’ve got the blues!

mer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka

I don’t know about you guys but we’ve got a solid case of the blues around here! But don’t worry, it’s not bring us down. Just the opposite in fact. We’re loving anything and everything blue lately and are particularly in love with these picks from one of our favorite online shops, Shak-Shuka.

This little King of Sleep loves to get all snuggly and these items do just the trick: Sky Clouds Blanket (used as a cape); Raccoon Sweatshirt, Blue Stripes Casual Pants, DIY Poster board crown.

mer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka

We’re loving these blue inspired toys from Shak-Shuka as well:

1. Magnetic A-Z 2. Fearne Fox, 3. Blue Stripes Casual Shirt 4. “Chien” MIBO backpack 5. Blue Sailing Boat

skak-shuka Bluesmer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka


And to make this crown, we simple used a large sheet of blue poster board , cut some points for the top, painted a few circles on it and then taped it together. Fun and simple.

Needless to say, Little O loves to be the king. Clearly he’s a little ham too. Doesn’t take much to get him to strike a pose…or two. Such a fun loving sweet little boy and I’m crazy about this stage (he’s still 100% convinced he’s going to Mario when he grows up. Seriously convinced) . I always think it’s so unfair that we can’t bottle up these moments as mammas. But these little pics will just have to suffice.

DIY Play Kitchen with cardboard and duct tape


I’m so excited share that I ‘m teaming up with the amazing Lauren Bradshaw to create a seres of fun and repurposed play items for her absolutely stunning Walnut Animal Society dolls! We’re crazy about all animals in the society but are especially keen on having Mr. Chester the Raccoon and Margaux the Kitty with us today (Kitty is sporting our very favorite Magnolia the Bunny Easter dress. You might recognize our bitty bunny fabric on it. So fun!).

DIY Play Kitchen with Walnut Animal Society Friends

Today we are sharing a simple kitchen set made with cardboard and duct tape. It’s the perfect size for our stuffed friends but would really work great for any 18″ doll or stuffed animal. Or, even for little 18 month old’s who seem to fit perfect in this little space! (She loves it and I couldn’t get her to leave! She now plays with this set almost daily. Her older brother is happy to play along too).


From just one large box we were able to make a stove and a refrigerator.

  1. To start we cut the box down the middle and used each side – one for the refrigerator and the remainder for the stove. But if you have boxes that are already relatively the size of what you want your items to be, that would work even better (In fact the Walnut Animal Society friends come in a really great box that could be used for this too – we just ended up using for something else). Basically our refrigerator ended up being 2′ tall, 9″ wide and about 8.5″ deep. The stove is 11″x9″x8.5″.
  2. Construction was pretty simple. Just decide where you want your doors and shelves etc. Cut them out and then tape them on. I have a huge roll of brown kraft paper carton tape on hand which makes cardboard construction easier (and conveniently matches) but really you could use any packing tape (even duct tape) to adhere the shelving, etc.
  3. Once everything is assembled how you like, you can now decorate with duct tape and paint, etc. We kept ours pretty simple but you could get as fancy as you’d like.


You can also use scraps of cardboard to create a few extra play items such as little pot. Basically we just bent the cardboard around into a circle, threw on a bottom and duct taped the whole thing together. Perfectly imperfect repurposed pot.


DIY Play Kitchen with Walnut Animal Society Friends

And we can’t say enough about our new Walnut Animal friends. I’m quite fond of Chester. He’s just such a happy and dapper little fellow. But really we might just have to collect them all.



Little Miss M is definitely keen on Margaux and can’t stop giving her loves and kisses. Really they are in heaven in their little kitchen together. Miss M is particularly interested in helping her cook up a delicious meal.


We have more playhouse items in store for our friends so stayed tuned. What would you like to see us make? We’d love to hear!