An Inside Look into mer’s Fairy Friends Books!


I’m so excited to share a more in depth look at my Fairy Friends books? If you’re familiar with my fairy friends nature paper dolls, which you can download and decorate here,  you’ll see where this series started to take flight. I loved using nature to transport these little sprites into the very real and magnificent world of nature. I knew there were stories for them that had to be created, and when Gibbs Smith (publisher to all things BabyLit) contacted me about just such an idea the Fairy Friends book journey began. These hard book primers teach kids the basics of counting, opposites, colors, and seasons through floral collages intertwined with whimsical illustrations. Do you have your set yet? They are available wherever books are sold online and in a bookstore near you. I’d love to know which is your favorite!? We have a hard time deciding over here. Amelia has memorized Opposites and Counting but also loves seeing the fairies travel through Seasons and always wants to share what Color of fairy she wants to be! (which changes almost each read)

fairy friends books

And speaking of COLORS, Let’s start here! Sunny fairy is yellow like a canary; Violet fairy is purple like a floral ring; Armanth fairy is pink like roses; Persimmon fairy is orange like a monarch. And so much more!


colorsgreencolorspurplebrownAnd after seeing so many lovely colors in nature, the reader is prompted to ask, “what color of fairy would you be?”. I loved hearing the answer to this question at my book release party! The kids were so eager to share! My favorite was the little girl who answered “gray”. Now I def need to illustrate a gray fairy. allcolors

countingcover (more…)

Fairy Friends Tea: Party Part 2 (and a Giveaway!!)


I’m so excited to share that today I’m sharing how to make our oversized paper mache flowers over on House that Lars Built!  When I first had the idea for a fairy tea party based on my hard bound fairy friend books, I asked friend and stylist Meta Coleman to help out (because planning a party with a friend is waaaay more fun and planning one with Meta, well that’s guaranteed magic.) Meta had the idea to create an environment for the girls to be in so it looked like they were miniature fairies themselves, like in my books. I loved the idea! So to work we went! We made several paper mache flowers and let me tell you, after lots of mistakes, we’ve come up with a way that we think is a winner. Get the full DIY over on Lars2i0a5427

2i0a4834 2i0a5118-2 2i0a4816 2i0a4757  2i0a4922

2i0a46842i0a5244 2i0a4821 (more…)

A 4th Birthday Party for Miss Milla

milla's cakemilla's party1 milla's party1milla's partyLittle one turned 4 this past weekend and we celebrated by inviting friends to a little tea party. milla's party1milla's party1

Jon made her a wooden brown stone dollhouse from my Playful Cardboard Brownstones pattern (found in my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With and For Kids) and I found the perfect sized vintage doll bed that fits my oversized dolls (more pics on that to come).

milla's party1milla's cake

The cake might have been my favorite party and was definitely a crowd favorite. Dolce Bella by Erin made the base cake with butter cream frosting and I decorated it with food coloring and paint brush. I think I might be rather addicted to this approach.

milla's party1   millas partymilla's party1cake

The girls had such a sweet time and miss Milla is now one happy 4 year old. (oh my!)


On Milla: Dress by Shop Arq

Enchanted Fairy Tea Party: Part 1


My good friend, and Playful book Stylist, Meta Coleman and I put on an enchanted Fairy Tea Party for our little ones in honor of my Fairy Friends book series out this week!

2i0a5301  2i0a5259

It was filled with giant paper mache flowers, delicious cake and cupcakes, book reading, fairy doll friends and lots of costumed fairy fun!


I had the amazing Dolce Bella by Erin make this delicious cake and I grabbed some wild flowers and berries together and Meta decorated it. It was just as delicious as it was lovely to look at.

Each girl had a fairy doll go along with her fairy costume color, blue, pink and yellow. And if you’re interested in Fairy Dolls to go along with your fairies and books, you can find them in my shop here!

2i0a4659b 2i0a4642

We had such an enchanting time and can’t wait to share more photos and tutorials for the flowers and costumes. More to come!

Catch us on Studio 5 today as well where I do a brief walk through on the wings as well as team up with Gibbs Smith books for a Fairy Friends book giveaway. Don’t miss it!


On Milla: Hand Dyed Dress by Neve and Hawk; On Maja: Red and White Smock Dress by Shop Arq; On Julia: Ivory Linen Pinafore by Wren and James

Photos by Shannon Weight Photography

Fairy dolls and Fairy books!


Friends as you may have heard (if you follow me on instagram) my Fairy Friends books series with Baby Lit books is out this week! woohoo. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff in store including a fairy book signing and scenes from a fairy tea party that I can’t wait to share!!!


The books are divided into 4 primer to help your child learn basic principles in a magical way. So i have Fairy Friends Counting, Seasons, Opposites and Colors. They are all so fun. I can’t pick a fav but I really love Counting and Amelia really loves Opposites (she can nearly “read” the entire book back to me – she pretty much has is memorized). img_8527And of course I had to make a fairy doll to go along with the books! You can pre-order your own fairy doll  in either Blue, Yellow or Mauve, as well in my  img_8539

Her First Day of Preschool!


She’s been waiting for this day for a long time. Me…not as much. Today this little lady got her back pack out, insisted on carrying and lunch and toted it all off to her first day of preschool. I just got home from picking her up and she had a great day. I however am still trying to grasp how my baby is old enough for this rite of passage. IMG_8362

IMG_8365IMG_8362  IMG_8356

first day of school sign found on remodelaholic

dress from our favorite Nev & Hawk.

shoes from Zuzii Footwear.

Back To School with Kohls


The kids and I had a lot of fun working with Kohls this year to get geared up for back to school. We even put together a pin board with pins to help us get inspired for the transition. The boys are going to a new school this year so we’ve got a lot of changes so anything to get us pumped is good.image01


Miss Amelia just went to her first day of preschool today! I cried. she didn’t. She’s been waiting for this day for a long time!


I’m still in denial that I have a 5th grader. I’m excited about the things he’ll learn this year and he’s already so much fun to talk to.

image03 image17

This kid is excited to be a 2nd grader and is already reading like a pro.image05 image06  image08   image11 image12 image13 (more…)

A Back-to-School Round Up

Funny Face Pencil Holders

Back-to-School time has always been a favorite time of year for me. I love school supplies and making them even more fun with quirky pencil holders or adding a flower on top is just the ticket.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spruce up supplies:

Playful Pencil Holder Heads: 

Funny Face Pencil Holders

We made these for my book PLAYFUL and they are so easy and fun. We love having these friends hanging around our art table. Get the DIY here.

Pencil Holder Heads from Mer Mag's book PLAYFUL


DIY Silly Face Supplies Apron: Perfect for having all  your creative supplies at the ready!

silly face apron DIY


School Lunch Notes and Sticker Downloads:  Perfect for just that little bit of encouragement

MerMagSchoolLunchNotes4 MerMagSchoolLunchNotes1 MerMagSchoolLunchNotes9


Decorate Duct Tape CanistersDuct Tape Pencil Holders

It’s so easy to make the fun supply cans. Just grab a discarded empty container such as a tin can, cover in duct tape and decorate!

Mer Mag | Duct Tape Cans and Homework Center Mer Mag | Duct Tape Canisters Mer Mag | Duct Tape Canisters for plants and supplies

These guys are perfect for plants as well. See more here and here.
Mer Mag | Duct Tape Canisters for plants and supplies


Easy Flower Pencil Toppers: so easy for little ones to make and so fun! so more here.

Mer Mag Flower Pencil Toppers


Round up of Some of Our Favorite Supplies!



DIY Play Clock: 



Host your own Kids Craft Camp!


Hi Friends! I’m over on Studio5 KSL today talking about how to run your own Kids Craft Camp from your very own home!


Last summer I held two Kids Craft Camps and it was a blast! We split things up into units such as Camping, Nature, Portrait, Animals, etc. I learned a lot such as how to set up a classroom, keep kids engaged, and how to start of right so that everyone is on on the same page and things don’t get too out of control 😉 as well as what type of crafts seemed to wokr best and how to get kids to think outside of the box and put their own stamp on things. I put all of this in a little syllabus, on top of the 8 engaging craft DIY videos, badges for each unit and toy downloads, in our online Kids Craft Camp and am sharing it with you this weekend at a 10% discount using code “studio5“.

MerMagsKidsCraftCampNatureUnit5 MerMagsKidsCraftCampNatureUnit2 Kids Craft Camp | Animal Unit Kiddie Made Cat Mask | Mer Mag Kids Craft Camp LionPinataforMerMag'sKidsCraftCamp9 KidsCrafCampBadgesandFaceBlocksviaMerMag

Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp


If you hold a camp we’d love to see pics and hear how it goes! tag pics with #kidscraftcamp on Instagram and Facebook to share. Can’t wait to see your little Picasso’s at work!