Modern Child’s Hand Print Ornament


My daughter and I worked together on the sweetest holiday project the other week and we wanted to share it with you. We made a little hand print ornament out of air-dry clay and it’s now one of my favorite memento’s.


To make this I simple traced her hand onto a piece of paper and then cut out that shape. I then traced the piece of paper onto air dry clay a couple of times (you could trace it a number of times if you wanted to make several ornaments). I then cut around the clay with a table knife (older kids could do this part themselves) and the pocked a hole where I wanted to string a thread through. I let the clay dry overnight after that. Once the clay was dry I painted her little hand print within the shape of the clay (I did this free hand because if I traced, it would naturally be the same size as the outside of the clay. if you wanted your hand print to be exactly spot on you could always cut the outside shape of the clay a touch larger). I then strung it with some embroidery thread, ready to be hung on our tree.

ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag2  ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag4MiniMilla

I love little things like that help to preserve these moments of small. I know with two older boys that small becomes big so so fast. (I think I’ll do their hands next). And Miss Milla loves seeing little tokens of herself being celebrated.

ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag5 ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag6 ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag7  ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag9  MiniMilla1ChristmasHandOrnamentMerMag3

I loved this technique so much that I made another one for a necklace for me to wear. You can see me in it here. I love it sooo much!

Easy Star Wand DIY


We began transforming the Banister house for Christmas and in the midst of changing the boys sheets for wintery flannel ones the girls (Amelia and her cousin Ava) and I broke into an impromptu wand making session followed by lots of merriment and bed jumping (when the boys are away….).

To make the wands I just found a couple of sticks and then cut out star shapes from glitter card stock and taped it to the stick with duct tape on the back. You could also use the star wand tutorial in my book Playful and just add a twig instead of a dowel. Would be really cute.

Christmas at #thebanisterhouse

We have gold tinsel tree from a few years back that fits perfectly in the kids room and I put up  a few pinecone garlands for another touch of the outdoors. Easy Star Wand | Mer Magchristmasatthebanisterhouse2olive juice kids dress | mer magMiss Amelia wore the sweetest corduroy dress from Olive Juice Kids (complete with gorgeous velvet ribbon!). I think this would be so perfect for a Christmas Holiday party. I just LOVE the color.

Star of Wonder Advent Calendar


We started our Star of Wonder advent calendar today. The kids are so excited! I first introduced our idea here but I’ll fill you in a bit in this post as well.starofwonderadvent

We have a sweet little clothe calendar the we usually use but I wanted to mix thing up a bit this year and It really surprised the boys. I this year I decided to fill each paper star with not only a fun selection of treats and treasures but also a little message of wonder and light. A reminder to us all that if we choose light (yes its a daily choice I believe) goodness, knowledge, magic, wonder, kindness, truth and love our world will always shine brighter and truer than any darkness we might encounter.

advent calendar goodiesstarofwonderadvent2 starofwonderadvent3

Today’s first treat was gold coins along with a quote about angels being guardians of truth and light. I had prefaced to the kids that each day would bring something to excite the senses, a toy or a candy. Something that would make them fill a moment of magic and happiness. But it also carried in it a message that if read and applied in their lives would carry constant light and happiness that would never go away. My oldest, my nine year old son, was able to grasp the concept the best but I still think they others will enjoy reading something uplifting.

I was also excited to find this little wire hanging rack just in the nick of time at our favorite antique mall in Springville, UT, Treasures. I’m happy with how it worked into things and we might just keep it there for messages and mail in the future. (Oh and how sweet is this Wren and James little pinafore Miss M has on!?)

Thanksgiving Puppets for Oh Happy Day!

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

Hi Friends! Popping in on this Saturday to share that we made some Thanksgiving puppets and are sharing them over on Oh Happy Day today! They are super easy and lots of fun for a last minute craft for the kiddos to do with cousins and friends on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

Head on over the Oh Happy Day for full DIY and templates. (and a if you have a Cricut or Silhouette how easy would it be to have all the paper parts cut out ahead of time and ready for your little pilgrims to assemble?)

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

And a big thanks to my friend Shannon Weight for the lovely photography on this shoot!

behind the scenes


I had a shoot last week for a Thanksgiving craft and thought I’d pop in a share a few of my favorite outtakes. Miss M was such a sweet little assistant.


I’m really feeling the colors burgundy/wine, auburn browns and french blues for this time of year. I typically don’t get into the traditional colors of Thanksgiving (I’m more of a cool colors gal, and and Thanksgiving is typically very warm) but I  think I’ve found myself a happy color story this year.

mermag5mermag2 mermag3

(she’s been loving the fact that her hair is long enough for an “Elsa braid” these days.)

Prayers for Paris

Eiffel Tower by Merrilee Liddiard

Paris is my all time favorite city. Ever. I’ve often told my husband if he wants to go out on a limb, I’d move our family there in a second. No lie.

It’s so full, of life, beauty, and love. Lots of love. With the recent attacks in Paris (and all over the world) I’m beyond saddened. I send my love in whatever small way to say I’m with you. To say thank you for being a city that has given so much magic to all. A city that will continue to be loved and will glow brightly forever. Especially with all of our support. Today and many days more, I pray for Paris.


Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Craft


We pulled out our little paper puppet turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Miss M is having lots of fun feeding him imaginary seeds from her pinafore pocket.


I think this guy would be a great guest for the Thanksgiving table and maybe even be a pumpkin pie topper.  Perhaps I’ll even make a few little ones for all our pies. Or little name cards even. So many ideas…


Download the templates for this little paper turkey puppet here.

PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag4  PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag2PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag6MerMagOliveJuiceKidsPaperTuketyPuppetMerMag3MerMagOliveJuiceKids1

Sweetest clothing from Olive Juice Kids:

plaid skirt; ruffle colar blouse; salmon socks; velvet ribbon

Sleepy Doll Slumber Party!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

We had such fun at our sleeping doll slumber party shoot. Miss M was such a good party host and care taker of all these dollies.

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

I’m hoping to have a handful of these oversized craft-along dolls (and maybe even a few sleeping bags) made specifically for Christmas orders soon. But in the mean time I do have just a couple more spots for custom doll orders if you’re interested. You can email me at merrilee liddiard at hotmail dot com and we can get started on your little darling!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls (more…)

Playful Cardboard Contest winners!!


Friends it was nearly impossible to pick the winners for the #playfulcardboardcostumes contest! I loved them all so much for different reasons (you seriously have to scroll through the gallery). Seeing these costumes trickle in made the entire month of October so magical for me. And I hope making them brought lots of playful moments and creative memories for you and your little ones as well.

So without further ado, the winners are!: (more…)