Make a Juice Box Costume from a Cardboard Box

Juice Box Costume | mer mag

My boy’s initials are AJ and OJ and for the longest time I’ve wanted to make them Apple Juice and Orange Juice box costumes. I’m so happy to say that this year I’ve finally made a juice box costume! I love it for the littles but I think it’s totally perfect for older tweens/teens and even adults. I’m crazy about the idea of of a group getting together and making juice box costumes for a variety of juices – apple, orange, grape, pineapple, etc. Perfect idea for an enssamble costume choice.

Juice Box Costume | mer mag

To make a juice box costume you will need:

  • a regtangular cardboard box
  • utility knife
  • paint
  • a pool noodle
  • hot glue
  • newsprint paper
  • spray glue or adhesive

Juice Box Costume | mer mag

Juice Box Costume | mer mag

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A 2nd Birthday for Little Miss


My baby girl had a birthday this past week and she turned two. We had a mini little family party and she was just the cutest.




I’ve been collecting Mifi books over the past year for her and it was fun to finally wrap them up and give them to her. She LOVES books and I was so happy to see how delighted she was with these. I can’t wait to read this sweet little series with her.


I also tried my hand at a creative cake. Give me some cardboard + tape or wood + paint and I can make a cute house for you. Try to transform a cake into a house and then frost it? Now that’s a whole different story. It’s an entirely different medium I’m not used to or skilled at. So it’s not perfect but she loved it and it did taste rather yummy.



I also found a cute vintage Dick Bruna puzzle for her.


I love the shot above. We set her final gift on her lap and she was super bummed because she wanted to play with her books and puzzle. The boys thought it was hilarious.

But when she unrapped the cloth to find this handmade “baby”, as she calls it, all aprehension was forgotten.

MerMagDaughter2yrOldBirthdaye MerMagDaughter2yrOldBirthdayd

I wanted make her a doll that was large enough for a 2 yr old to cuddle. I also wanted her to be large enough so that her clothing would be easier to make (I loose patience when sewing gets too microscopic). We call her Maggie May as she’s inspired by an illustration and Little Bit story I did of a Mini Maggie May. I’m excited to make her more clothing and we even turned the floral cloth that we wrapped her up in into a bed roll for her (it was originally a prop that Meta made for my book Playful). She now sleeps next to Miss M each night. I sort of love it to death.



Doll and Book winner!


Thanks to everyone who entered the trapeze doll and PLAYFUL book giveaways!

We have 2 randomly selected winners! Katelyn of Be Katelyn has won the trapeze doll! woo hoo!

Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

and Ry Simmons of Oh Little Lovelies has won a copy of the book PLAYFUL! I do hope you both enjoy! Please email me with your mailing addresses and I’ll get these shipped off to you.




Hi Five Swag Bag and Instagram Giveaway!


If you haven’t hopped on Instagram today you best be over there because in honor of our little girl’s birthday I’m giving away one of our covented Playful Book launch party Hi Five swag bags! It’s full of creative and artsy goodies such as all natural watercolor paints from GLOB Colors (can’t wait to play around with these!), A sweet floral card from House that Lars Built, notebooks, pencils and some really cool glue from Yoobi (a company that gives back!), some story starter cards from my #littlebitsbymer series, happy sunshiny cards from Hello Lucky!, super cool dry erase duct tape from Scotch Duct Tape (one of the sponsors a the event – stay tuned for more crafts with them from me!), the best craft felt balls from Hello Maypole, cute pencil heart print from Caravan Shoppe, darling prints from the new shop Petit Pippin (by the lovely Ez of Creature Comforts – I’m DYING to see her little critters!), loveliest tree rubbing print from Light and Ink, sweetest lamb card from Sycamore Stree Press, darling animal ear headbands from Hello Shiso, the cutest package from Nicole’s Classes (another sponsor) complete with paints and wooden beads to make your very own face necklace (from my book)! Oh and a Hi Five canvas bag from my Hi Five print. (I will be selling just the canvas bags in the shop soon too!).


And I just had to share this sweet images of Imogen who said to her mother after the book launch party: “Mom, can I make everything in this book tomorrow?” Sweetest thing ever! We love you Shannon and Imogen!


My PLAYFUL book Launch Party and Signing


So last week was nothing short of crazy AMAZING! On Tuesday I had my launch party for my newly released book PLAYFUL: Fun Projects to Make With + Kids and it was soooo sooo fun! The turn out was incredible – 322 people showed up to craft, purchase books (we sold out in the first hour!), enjoy snacks, be a Playful cover model for a night and more. I’m so thankful to all of you! SO thankful that so many of you waited in line for 30-45 min. to come in (it was at max capacity most of the time – we needed a bigger room!) so I sincerely hope you and your little ones had a good time. And big thank you to my party sponsors Scotch Duct Tape, Astrobrights Paper and Nicole’s Classes for making such an amazing party possible!



I tried to have fun little touches at the party such as these adorable tiger and lion cookies made by Dolce Bella by Erin to look like some of the crafts from the book. They were given to anyone who bought a book (and they were sooo tasty too!).



Meta, one of my amazing stylists on the book, came to help out along with so many others such as Brittany, Amy, Hillary and Melissa (whom you might recognize as some of House that Lars Built’s cutest interns) who set up dessert table.


We had cake bites from My Sweet Toothfairy, macaroons from Dolce Bella by Erin, cupcakes by the Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe and the sweetest vintage candy selection by my favorite local kids toy store, Blickenstaff’s. All of it was devored and enjoyed quite thoroughly. (i only wish I was able to get a taste of one of those scrumptious looking macaroons!).


I had three craft tables set up for kids to create paper puppets, plaper plate masks and finger print stamed art from the book. You can see Ashley setting up the birds at the paper puppet table below.





It was so cute to see the personlized variations guests made to each craft. Nicole’s classes, whose founder is none other than our Playful photographer extraordinaire, Nicole Gerulat, put on a super fun photobooth for guests to be a Playful “cover model” for a night. I died seeing all of you and your beautiful little ones and their creations in this booth!



My kids had a blast at the party and I was told by Little O that he’s been wanting to make the bear all this time and now he finally got to. Who knew I was holding out on him?




These cuties are some of the first guests to enter. And you guys, I’m seriously flabergasted because there was an insane line! The first 35-40 guests recieved a fun filled swag bag with lots of really good stuff like dry erase scotch duct tape , a handful of Yoobi supplies, and the sweetest prints from Ez’s new shop Petit Pippen. I’ll be blogging more about the bag, as well as giving one more away!, later but you can see a peek at it here on Instagram.


Victoria, an acquaintance from my Knoxville days so long ago as well as one of Brittany’s interns, came and did the cutest clown face paint on the kiddos. I just about died every time I saw another little sweetie pop up in the book signing line with their make up.  I loved it so!





It was so hard for me to narrow down my favorite photo booth photos, so I just decided that I had to share, oh a TON of them with you! I mean how stickin’ cute are these girls above?!

And Pearl (below), our duct tape brownstone model from the book, came with her mom Abby. Cutie patootie! So many of our Playful models came to the launch party and I’m was sooo happy to see them again.

MerMagPlayfulBookSigning2 MerMagPlayfulBookSigning3

And how sweet are these photos of Eva and Sarah with their girl’s. I’m in love.

MerMagPlayfulBookSigning4 (more…)

Playful Book Signing and a Craft at the GAP at University Mall in Orem, UT

Merrilee Liddiard's GAP signing invite for her book Playful

Happy Friday friends! If you missed the signing for my new book, PLAYFUL: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids,  at the Provo Library you’re in luck because I’ll be doing another signing at the GAP at University Mall in Orem, UT on Saturday, Oct. 4 from 1:00-3:00 pm. We’ll be doing a craft and I’ll be signing books! If you have your book bring it or you can buy one from me there.

As you might know I’ve worked with GAP before doing craft weekends for them and it’s a load of fun! We’ll be doing a fun finger print craft at this upcoming signing and I can’t wait to see you and your little cuties!


(photos by Nicole Gerulat)

DIY Monster Candy Box!

DIY Monster Candy Box | Mer Mag

Recycle an old sandwich bag carton and turn it into a silly scary monster box! Perfect for Halloween! Get templates and full DIY over on Julep today!

DIY Monster Candy Box | Mer Mag

This project is fun for all ages! I think it would be the cutest trick-or-treat bag for you very little ones such as “baby M” (I really should start calling her little but i’m not quite ready) who will only be collecting a handful of goodies this year. Or set it out on the counter – but be careful, he’ll probably gobble up all your candy before you can say BOO!

Paper Bears and Paper Piles


Getting ready for my Playful book launch party tomorrow! Are you coming? If you can’t make it, don’t worry, I’ll be singing and crafting some more at the GAP in Orem, Utah this weekend!


Current’y I’m up to my neck in the most gorgeous Astrobright paper, cutting paper puppet appendages for the kiddos (young and old) to put together at the part-tay. Astrobrights is one of the sponsors for my luanch party and I can tell you they  have the most delicious assortment of colored paper. Perfect to colorize any event. I even love the pile of scraps left over after all the cutting! I’m almost hestitant to clean it up it’s so pretty!


Oh and I have a fun fall craft in in the works with Astrobright paper that I’ll be sharing with you later so stay tuned for that as well!


(Paper bear photo by Nicole Gerulat from my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids)

Step into the magical world of PLAYFUL! Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids

I’ve been dying to share so much more of Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids with all of you and the day has finally come that I can! Yipee!!

Let’s start with this dreamy book trailer, shall we? I’m so enamoured with the magical work of Jenner Brown, videographer behind this Playful book trailer (and videographer for my Kids Craft Camp). This mini film takes me back to my own imaginative childhood – touching on how I saw the world to be and the way I wanted things to feel and sound like. I love how the music builds and when you get to the knights fighting in the field, well let’s just say both Jon and I had to wipe our eyes a bit – yeah it got us good. I hope it inspires you and your little ones as much as it did us!

And as for the book itself, where do I start? This has truly been a dream come true. A magical dream laced with a whole lot of figurative blood, real sweat and perhaps even a few tears. But like all creative births it can’t come without a bit of taxing and sleepless nights right? When I set out to make this book over two years ago I had three visions. 1) To bring back the idea that yes we can make toys and create simple magic for our children today, just as our grandparents did. And that endeavor of doing so enriches and enlightens our familial and creative experiences. 2) To make something that would double as an inspirational lifestyle coffee table book of sorts – so the ineteriors and clothing would be just as enticing as the crafts. 3) to introduce simple, easy and loveable toys and crafts that would be fun to make from everyday supplies that would then inspire imagination and playfulness.

The book is divided up into 5 catergories:

Playful Paper Crafts





Playful Dress Up





Playful Toys



Playful Art



Playful Repurposing

PlayfulDuctTapeShippingTrucksbyMerMagMerMagPlayfulBrownstonesPlayful Brownstones by MerMag


It was such a privleledge to work with some very talented individuals such as my editor Melanie Falick, Playful’s photographer Nicole Gerulat, designer Brooke Reynolds, stylists Meta Coleman and Brittany Watson Jepsen and more who all worked tirelessly on this book (we had some good late night loony sessions that would have you giggling on the floor!). We went for a Playful French, Scandi Modern vibe going for Playful and I love how everything turned out. I can’t wait to see what YOU come up with based on the toys and crafts in this book. And I do hope you share!! Please tag #playfullymade on any Instagram or Facebook posts, etc. when sharing your creations. I hope to have a well of creative projects made by you and your little ones that will inspire us all! Really any of these can be taken in so may different directions and I can’t wait to see what your touch might be!

Oh and don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! Ends next week. I’m gifting one trapeze doll and one book to two lucky readers (individually but you could possibly win both)! You can enter on the previous post here or even enter here as well. Pin or repost on Facebook any of these images with the tag #playfultoysandcrafts for an extra entry!


And if you’re in the Provo Utah area next week on Sept. 23 please do stop in the library for some crafty good fun as we celebrate the launch of Playful! Goodie bags to the first 35 guest, crafting, snacks, an adorable photoboth and more! Crafts and party sponsored by Astrobrights Paper and Scotch Duct Tape and the photobooth is sponsored by Nicole’s Classes. You can register here on Eventbrite if you like so we can get a better headcount (it’s free this is just to anticipate food needs, etc.). Hope to see you there!

Playful Party Book Launch

Get your own copy of Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids today anywhere books are sold online such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, STC Craft and in a bookstore near you.


Playful Film Trailer: Behind the Scenes Part 2


I’m sharing a few more “behind the scenes” shots from our Playful shoot with Jenner Brown, such as these brownstone cardboard dollhouses (inspired by my Brooklyn, NY days with a touch of Danish Row house in for colorful effect).

I pulled Meta in to quickly help style these shots a bit and she brought her darling Maileg mice again (perfect inhabitants for these houses. I know what little M is getting for her birthday, and Christmas, and…). (On Swayzie above: Miszkomaszko skirt, Ju Ju Bunny blouse and Hello Shisho necklace.)


(On Swayzie: Mabo Kids Mila Apron Sundress in Green Floral, on Lucy: Mabo Kids Wynne Swiss Dot Dress with Playful trapeze doll. Enter to win one of the dolls here!)


(on Henrik: Winter Water Factory top, Playful knight smock, Mabo Kids Blue Nautical Leggings: On little O: Playful night smock, Mabo Kids Chartruese Leggings)


When I was a little girl, this was the exact sort of French fair maiden princess I wanted to be (pattern found in Playful)- with the exact shade of pink I loved (not to bright, not too pastel, just a nice coral peachy pink). I love that this version is so simple to make and the perfect dress up to put over everyday clothes. She makes me want to spend hours in a field again dreaming up tea parties and treaties that needed to be signed in order to save our kingdom.