We have spent the past month working together to create an epic creative cardboard castle experience. It started with the desire to re-create an interlocking cardboard castle that I made for the boys when they were younger. Which was promptly followed by a number of printable characters, many of which were requests from Milla or the boys or even Jon (Who said this wasn’t complete without a dragon so of course I obliged 🐉.)

It’s been such a fun way to come together amidst all the COVID 19 craziness. It’s been a hard month for us as I’m sure it has been for all of you and this has helped us escape a bit. Every time we thought we were done we came up with something else. Princesses, a prince, a wizard, boy and girl knights with horses of course! Oh and an alicorn (a unicorn and pegasus in one!), a squirrel, a cat and some mice (For characters to turn into after magical spells according to Milla). And of course a castle coat of (flower) arms. This printable pack is filled with so much fun! We got a little carried away. And if you want to get carried away too it’s currently in MerrileeLiddiardshop.com (at 30% off for the time being for quarantine) under the printable’s menu


Find all your castle character printables HERE. Enjoy!


tag your cute creations with @mer_mag and #mermagcastle so we can see and share.






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