Thanksgiving Puppets for Oh Happy Day!

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

Hi Friends! Popping in on this Saturday to share that we made some Thanksgiving puppets and are sharing them over on Oh Happy Day today! They are super easy and lots of fun for a last minute craft for the kiddos to do with cousins and friends on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

Head on over the Oh Happy Day for full DIY and templates. (and a if you have a Cricut or Silhouette how easy would it be to have all the paper parts cut out ahead of time and ready for your little pilgrims to assemble?)

Thanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHDThanksgiving Puppets | Mer Mag for OHD

And a big thanks to my friend Shannon Weight for the lovely photography on this shoot!

behind the scenes


I had a shoot last week for a Thanksgiving craft and thought I’d pop in a share a few of my favorite outtakes. Miss M was such a sweet little assistant.


I’m really feeling the colors burgundy/wine, auburn browns and french blues for this time of year. I typically don’t get into the traditional colors of Thanksgiving (I’m more of a cool colors gal, and and Thanksgiving is typically very warm) but I  think I’ve found myself a happy color story this year.

mermag5mermag2 mermag3

(she’s been loving the fact that her hair is long enough for an “Elsa braid” these days.)

Prayers for Paris

Eiffel Tower by Merrilee Liddiard

Paris is my all time favorite city. Ever. I’ve often told my husband if he wants to go out on a limb, I’d move our family there in a second. No lie.

It’s so full, of life, beauty, and love. Lots of love. With the recent attacks in Paris (and all over the world) I’m beyond saddened. I send my love in whatever small way to say I’m with you. To say thank you for being a city that has given so much magic to all. A city that will continue to be loved and will glow brightly forever. Especially with all of our support. Today and many days more, I pray for Paris.


Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Craft


We pulled out our little paper puppet turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Miss M is having lots of fun feeding him imaginary seeds from her pinafore pocket.


I think this guy would be a great guest for the Thanksgiving table and maybe even be a pumpkin pie topper.  Perhaps I’ll even make a few little ones for all our pies. Or little name cards even. So many ideas…


Download the templates for this little paper turkey puppet here.

PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag4  PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag2PaperTuketyPuppetMerMag6MerMagOliveJuiceKidsPaperTuketyPuppetMerMag3MerMagOliveJuiceKids1

Sweetest clothing from Olive Juice Kids:

plaid skirt; ruffle colar blouse; salmon socks; velvet ribbon

Sleepy Doll Slumber Party!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

We had such fun at our sleeping doll slumber party shoot. Miss M was such a good party host and care taker of all these dollies.

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

I’m hoping to have a handful of these oversized craft-along dolls (and maybe even a few sleeping bags) made specifically for Christmas orders soon. But in the mean time I do have just a couple more spots for custom doll orders if you’re interested. You can email me at merrilee liddiard at hotmail dot com and we can get started on your little darling!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls (more…)

Playful Cardboard Contest winners!!


Friends it was nearly impossible to pick the winners for the #playfulcardboardcostumes contest! I loved them all so much for different reasons (you seriously have to scroll through the gallery). Seeing these costumes trickle in made the entire month of October so magical for me. And I hope making them brought lots of playful moments and creative memories for you and your little ones as well.

So without further ado, the winners are!: (more…)

Fairy Deer Costume with Cardboard Wings

Fairy Deer | Mer Mag

This year for trunk-or-treating she’s going as a llama, but for tricks-and-treats come Halloween night, well she insisted on being a fairy. And being a huge fan of make-up (I mean really this girl is all out obsessed with all things pigment) we played around with some deer face painting (she was over the moon thrilled – not obvious in the photo above because she was trying to be so serious – but really she was in heaven). End result: A woodland deer fairy with cardboard wings, leaf ears and branches for antlers. Fairy Deer | Mer MagFairy Deer | Mer Mag We made another set of cardboard wings (so easy and I really love making these – SO MUCH FUN) and then sprayed them with glitter (not obvious in the pics but fun to see sparkle in real life). Fairy Deer | Mer Mag Fairy Deer | Mer MagI made her dress and painted on a simple black triangle on the front skirt portion. The dress is a tad big but I like how flowy it is and that she’ll be able to wear it for at least another year or so.

Oh and fair warning, I’m sharing a load of pics from this shoot/playdate. Because well, I just can’t even…

Fairy Deer | Mer MagFairy Deer | Mer MagFairy Deer | Mer Mag (more…)

Little Witch Doll


We made a little witchy poo doll from our oversized craft-along doll pattern just in time for Halloween. I’m working on getting a pattern together as well as a number of dolls for you for this holiday season. In the mean time I’m still take a few more custom doll orders so email me at merrileelidddiard at homtail dot com if you are interested.

In the mean time, have the safest and happiest of Halloweens!!!

witchypoodoll2 tyingshoes (more…)

Easy Clown Costume

Easy Clown Costume | Mer Mag

I made this super easy clown costume for our Kids 21 post last year and my Ollie had a blast playing it up (obviously ;)). In fact the other week to he came to me and said “Mom, I have a talent for being a clown” and then he gave me a sly look and continued, “you know what I’m talking about don’t you mom?”. I just about died. He most certainly is the class clown and clearly knows it.Easy Clown Costume | Mer MagEasy Clown Costume | Mer Mag You make easily put this costume together this week in time for Halloween if you need a last minute costume (who am I kidding, I still haven’t put together the boys costumes for this year. We’re all a little last minute aren’t we?). Basically just make a few oversized pom-pom’s and pin them to a fun striped shirt. For the hat you can just use poster board or felt, or even a pre-made cone found at your local craft store. Add some fun silver boots to top it all off!Easy Clown Costume | Mer Mag

Trisha Zemp shot these for me and I love how she grabbed an in-process shot of me working. Ollie was such a champ on this shoot. And Trisha is great with kids too so that was lots of fun. (more…)