Marie Antoinette Costume

We brought home a Marie Antoinette style dress from Jacqadi in Paris earlier this year for Amelia in homage to our Versailles visit. I’ve been wanting to make her a white baroque wig to go with it every since.

I initially tried a version with fabric and batting but ended up going with paper, inspired by the insanely ornate and intricate paper wigs by Asya Kozina (swoon!). My friend Brittany of the house that lars built also made one for a few years back that we love as well!


Journaling Halloweens of the Past with Chatbooks

I mentioned a few weeks back on Instagram that I’m simply terrible with journaling and printing out all our family photos. As my kids are growing up, I feel it’s high time i get all these photos documented in tangible form for little ones to look and for us all to enjoy. But going through all our photos of the past very very very daunting (you’ve been there?). I kept trying to go by year, or by child and it all seemed so overwhelming. So I thought, hey, Halloween is coming up, I’m in the spirit of things and it’s one of our very favorite holidays – so why not start there? So that’s just what I did. I gathered all our past photos from the autumn seasons and put together some albums with chatbooks. And it was SO easy. phew!

Chatbooks currently has some fun Halloween album covers that you can use to make things more festive! My favorite is this one: “I Solemnly Swear I am up to No Good”. Yay for Harry Potter! The others are sweet as well. We did a fun mix of these illustrated covers and photos from past years.


The best part is seeing the kids peruse these books. They are so enchanted with nostalgia! And to have little sister see what her brothers were up to before she came around – so special.


DIY Swan Costume

We’ve wanted to make a swan costume for Miss M ever since we put together this little Valentine tissue box swan. We followed basically the same idea, just enlarged to fit her. So simple and and so fun! And just in time for this year’s Swan Princess Halloween costume (although I think it will go right into the Christmas season as well).

To make the swan costume you’ll need… (more…)

My Baby Girl turns 5 years!

We recently celebrated this girls birthday this month (with her brother’s coming up tomorrow!) and I can’t believe my baby is 5 years old already. She’s been such a spark of fun, joy, spunk and sweetness for us all. She’s so precocious and social and I love it. I definitely think she’ll take after her father and possibly love acting (no so much shy like her mamma). She’s an artist as well and a dreamer and so thoughtful about others feelings.

She wanted a mermaid birthday so we celebrated by making giant mermaids for her friends to color and decorate with seashells, jewels and more. We also made a set of mini ones (shown here) for puppets and cake toppers (full mermaid party pack coming to the shop so soon!).

I love to have a special birthday outfit picked out for her each year and this darling Bonjour Diary shirt from a new favorite French boutique (can’t wait to go in person next time in Paris). We paired it with her favorite Kokori Kids wales trousers. I also made this sparkle crown lined with soft faux fur (more of which will also be in the shop for holiday!).    

Happy birthday my dear little girl! xoxo

DIY Sailboats that really float!

We had such a lovely family outing where we made boats from scrap wood and took them down to the river to float them. It was such a simple and sweet activity for us.


To make one yourself:  (more…)

Make a Dollhouse Notebook!

We had a lot of fun this past weekend making doll house notebooks and putting our interior design skills to the test by filling each interior room with magazine clippings of various furniture and decor items. It was so much fun!

To make these we used various shades of ASTROBRIGHT card stock in beautiful blues for the exterior. Our favorites include Terrestrial Teal™Celestial Blue® and, Blast Off Blue™. We simply painted fun roof tiles, widows and a door on each house.

For the interior pages we used Amelia’s favorites ASTROBRIGHTS® pinks and purples in Outrageous Orchid™ and Pulsar Pink™. She loved dressing up her houses with interior images from magazine clippings as well as drawing in her own details (my favorite part!). We then bound everything together with a simple Japanese bookbinding stitch.


Supplies you will need to make one of your own: (more…)

Think BIG, but Start Small

I always find that September is a great time to go back over my New Years goals and see where I’m at, assess and then most likely create new ones depending on how things are going. Seems to fit with the spirit of learning with kids going back to school. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and am taking a biz class of sorts and something that stood out to me was that successful biz owners Think Big but Start Small. Sounds simple enough right? But it can be tricky, putting some of those BIG ideas on the back burner. (It’s so hard for me!) I think this principle applies to all aspects of our lives -not just biz. I’m finding it helpful with parenting, creativity, general health goals and everything really. I feel like sometimes I have so many branches of growth sprouting up in my life and growing at different speeds – it can def be hard to attend to all of them, giving them the care that they need. But I’m trying to step back and assess the essentials and choose what needs most care. (Which can be hard to decipher some times!). Have you read Essentialism by Greg McKeoen? I so appreciate the advice to start early and small on your big ideas. Finding minimal ways to work on bigs goals right now and each day. I have such big goals I can feel overwhelmed at times. Goals for my house, my family, my marriage, my career, my health etc. To beat burnout I’m learning I can do something small for each of these each day. What about you? Do you find this to be true? How do you “create a routine that enshrines the essential?” As McKeoen suggests. Any experiences you can share? 

You can find a print of this post in my shop here.

Make a Glitter Star Wand and Headband For you and your Doll!

We had fun crafting up matching star wand and headbands to go along with our Wren and James collab ‘Summer Nostaglia’ – where girls can match their doll in twinning pinafores! I share a demo on how to make these on Studio 5 KSL which you can see here. (more…)

Watch our ‘Summer Nostalgia’ video

I’m so in love with how Jenner Brown, friend and film maker, captured our ‘Summer Nostaglia’ collaboration with Wren & James. A collection that brings girls and their dolls together in matching pinafores. You can see more from our collection and from the amazing photo shoot here, here, and here.

And if you have to watch it about three times over, don’t worry you’re not alone! We love it so and just can’t get enough.

Match your doll in these adorable pinafores!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our collaboration ‘Summer Nostaglia’ that has been in the works for over a year with timeless children’s wear designer Kiley of Wren and James. Together we created 4 unique pinafores for both little girls and their dolls to wear. We wanted something that reminded us of the simple and playful summers of the past. Where children played with simple rag dolls and roamed on boardwalks, beaches and small town carnivals. Eating cotton candy and joining in hula hooping, jump rope and other past time favorite games. 

I illustrated little bunnies for our grey ‘bunny print‘ matching pinafores, and inky blue and soft clay hand painted stripes for the ‘blue stripe’ and ‘clay stripe‘ matching doll and girl pinafores. We also have an adorable ‘color block‘ pinafore with raw edge pockets (that I’m obsessed with) that is made with hand dyed rose linen and has my heart. Each pinafore is linen and beautifully made in the US. Each doll is hand sewn and has a hand painted with soft velvety hair, perfect for snuggling. Each are my favorite.

We also named the dolls in this collection after our girls, Amelia, Mazie, Margot, Greta, and then Kiana (after our sweet model here on the right) and Imogen. You can get each girl in any of the four pinafores to match your daughters dress and in a variety of hair styles: pigtails, top knot and side buns. We also have a few doll dresses in stripes that you can purchase separately for another dress your doll can change into!


We’re so excited about seeing everything finally come together and are in love with this photoshoot with Tracy Layne Photography.


We can’t wait to see which doll and pinafore you pick out! Start here!