We had so much fun with National moth week last week we just had to keep these beauties coming. And this time in doll form! The cutest limited edition of moth art dolls are here!

These dolls have actually been in the making for over a year and I’m so happy to finally release them into the wild. Hoping you love them as much as I do.

So thrilled for you to meet sisters Whisper and Luna moth. These beauties are are sure to flutter right into your heart. Each art doll is created with love. You will love these custom illustrated wings, which have been hand dyed and are removable. Fur collars and antennae head bands are removable as well. Their wool plaited hair is hand dyed as well.

These sisters have a love for nature and the night. If you listen very carefully you can hear their soft and magical melodies as they sing each summer night. It’s especially clear on full moon nights.

November 30, 2021



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