Create your own Enchanted Forest puppet show inspired by our recycled box #mermagtheatre’s for a chance to win a unique hand-made Mer Mag doll, wearing Forivor clothes, (worth $160) and a Forivor Duvet Set (worth £150).

Mer Mag and Forivor and have created a printable pack with simple instructions on how to make your own cardboard theatre and cut-out puppets. You can download these below along with Forivor’s character cards which introduce the Enchanted Forest characters and scenes should you wish to use them.


We are delighted to have on board the incredibly talented French artist Nathalie Lété, Olivia Sewell from the brilliantly entertaining The Caperberry Collective and Lisa Mehydene of the interiors destination edit58 as judges for the competition. As well as looking for the puppet show that entertains them the most, they will be looking for:

  • How children have used the kits, created their own style and used their imagination, particularly for any additional characters or scenery elements children have thought of and created themselves.

  • They will be looking for flair in the decoration of the theatre (not its build or how well each character is cut out as we anticipate there may be some parental help with these elements depending on the child’s age).

    Please note, they will take into account the age of the children participating when judging so please include the age of your child on the entry and try to limit parental help to facilitating the child’s vision for the project.


Competition Instructions

 1. Make your cardboard theatre (simple instructions in competition pack or make up your own)

2. Print the cut-out Puppet Sheets.

3. If necessary, stick sheets to thin card to make them more sturdy .

4. Carefully cut out the characters or elements you want in your puppet show. Remember to choose if you want them on sticks as puppets or on stands at the front as scenery. There are day and night backdrops you can use or you can cut the sun and moon out and use as puppets too.

5. Attach puppets to any suitable sized stick using tape and make folding stands for the others.

6. Have fun making up your play, you may find some useful tips in the download pack. If you have a Forivor bedding set you can use the Character Cards for inspiration otherwise you can download the character cards and artwork here. 

7. Ask a parent to film the play, on their phone – please keep it to under 2 minutes

8. Please submit a photograph of your theatre and video of your play in one of the following ways:

Posting to Instagram:
– If the video is less than 60 seconds post on your grid. Select the multiple image option to upload a photograph and a video of your theatre.
– If the video is longer than 60 seconds post to IGTV and don’t forget to choose to post a preview of the video to your feed. Instructions here. You’ll need to post a photograph of your theatre as a separate post.
Please include the following when posting to instagram: Name of your Play, first name of child, age of child and don’t forget to tag @forivor and @mer_mag .

Sending by Email:
Please send picture and the video file straight to us at Please include:
Name of Play, First name of child & age and if you are happy for us to share on social media.

Competition Deadline – Friday 29 May 2020 6pm (GMT)
Winners will be announced – Wednesday 3 June 2020

Please read the Terms & Conditions below


About Forivor

Forivor was established in 2016 by Rebecca Monserat (left) and Alice Ruby Ross (right). Named after Rebecca’s father Ivor, the concept for the brand came in that strange moment between being awake and falling asleep.

Rebecca , inspired by her work with British designer Katharine Hamnett and the Environmental Justice Foundation believes that the worlds need the best creative minds to solve the ecological and climate crisis. She decided she wanted to create beautiful bedding that would inspire children to be passionate about nature and be creative storytellers. Alice, illustrator and Project Coordinator at the British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery was excited about bringing her distinctive illustrations to this original concept.

Since working together Rebecca and Alice often get told they look like sisters, have discovered a mutual love for anything pickled (even eggs) and as well as being a great team have become really good friends.


Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants must be under 12 Years of age

  • Only one entry per child.

  • Plays must be submitted in English (if they have talking in them)

  • By entering the competition you agree to have your video and the accompanying image of the puppet theatre shared on public social media platforms and websites.

  • All decisions by judges are final.



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