I’m excited to share another printable that Milla and I have been working on – and currently really having a lot of fun with. I made these ‘Decorate a Friend’ Paper Dolls that you print and adorn. You become your own sustainable fashion designer using/repurposing your own bits of discarded clothing. Add accessories and details for a fun unique look. And then play hair stylist by creating new do’s for each doll using yarn, wool or whatever inspires you.

We printed our dolls out on heavy water color paper – and if you want these to stand I suggest glueing them to the back of a cereal box for added stability. And do the same for an interlocking stand. We used a tape runner to place the fabric clothing on – which then easily comes off for wardrobe changes. (Things like bows and buttons we permanently glued onto the clothing using hot glue.)

   You can find these printable paper dolls in my shop under the printables menu. We’re excited to see what you create! Make sure you tag with #mermag, and @mer_mag so we can see and share you cute creations!

And yes a set of boys are coming up next! In addition to a printable wardrobe to place all the clothing creations you make. Clearly we’re having too much fun over here.

July 22, 2020



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