We’ve been hibernating and are back with a new winter printable craft that has been LOADS of fun around here.

Well I guess shouldn’t say “new”, as we actually made these ice skaters, Sadie and Sebastian, years ago when Oliver was little and thought it was time to remake these sprites for Milla. This kinetic magnetic craft is so fun! Swipe through to see these skaters move just by using magnets! You can find these friends in the


To make the ice skating rink you’ll need:

  • a cereal box or rectangular cardboard box (one side open for inserting your hand in)
  • paint
  • foliage (and printable paper trees that come with the printable)

For the ice skaters you’ll need:


  • Once you printed and cut everything out, you can attach the magnets onto the bottom of each skater. (You can also add extra support by taping on a popsicle stick, etc. if your paper is too think to stand up well by itself).
  • Place a magnet inside the the box and under neath the skater.
  • Move around and watch them skate!

Have so much fun!

And be sure to share your cute creations by tagging @mer_mag and #mermag so we can see and share how you #playcreatively!






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