Custom Doll Orders – Limited Time Only

mer mag doll

I’ve been working on a few custom craft-along rag doll orders and it’s been such fun! I wanted to share that for a very limited time only I’ll be taking a few more custom orders so if you’re interested please email me. These sweet oversize dolls are perfect for little ones to cuddle and older kids love making crafts and accessories for them.

mer mag doll face

The larger size make them perfect for the beginner seamstress to make clothes for, etc. (you can see size comparison in these photos with these two little 3 yr olds).

4 Responses to “Custom Doll Orders – Limited Time Only”

  1. Aoife Ward

    Your dolls are so beautiful. Don’t worry I don’t want to put an order in for Christmas! But I wonder how much they are for the future?

    • Merrilee

      Hi Aoife! Thanks for your kind words. They are priced differently depending on size and accessories but you can find the range of prices for doll in the shop at xo Mer


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