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A little while ago Lakeshore Learning contacted me and asked if I would set up a play area using some of their wonderful learning toys. I have been going to Lakeshore Learning every since my nine year old was a toddler and we love their emphasis on learning in fun and playful ways. So naturally I was super excited to see what we could come up with using some of their products. Lakeshore just launched their Gifts for Growing Minds collection. Featuring over 200 items for children from birth through age 11, the collection offers everything from playful building sets and fun-filled craft centers to exciting learning games. To view the entire collection, visit: now and throughout the holiday season, this exclusive collection of educational toys and games is designed to help parents get their children excited about learning!

We love SO much of what they have to offer from this collection and this week we’ll be sharing several of our favorite learning toys with you on their Instagram feed. But today we’re crazy excited to share our play Hospital that my daughter and nieces and I set up using Lakeshore’s Deluxe Doctor’s Office and Pet Vet Center.


The Deluxe Doctor’s Office comes with seriously the cutest stuff. Like this little Waiting Room sign that we put over Chester the Raccoon and his vintage baby doll friend. (Poor Chester needs to be seen for little bump on the head he acquired after hitting a tree branch he neglected to see while foraging for food to bring to a friends harvest lunch). The kit also comes with the coolest x-ray of a skull, an eye chart, tons of bottles with labels and of course doctor gear such as a stethoscope that actually works! The girls were giddy about really being able to hear eachothers heartbearts. They also loved using real gauze, bandages etc.


(The stethoscope and syringe above and below come in the Pet Vet Center.)


PlayHospital_MerMag9PlayHospital_MerMag6 For the girls costumes I was inspired by vintage nurse uniforms (I’m sure somewhat inspired by all my late night Call the Midwife marathons). These would be perfect for Halloween or just for you imaginative play costume box. For our senior nurse, Juliette, we made a simple cape from a blue sheet I found second hand and draped it over a white dress. PlayHospital_MerMag10 We painted the Pet Vet box white and added a red cross onto it for her doctor’s bag which could also couple as a halloween treat bag. You could make your own out of cardboard as well by clicking on the template below. (perfect accessory for our Playful Cardboard Halloween Costume Contest!)



For Penny’s Junior Nurse costume I sewed a simple apron with a little red cross on it. We made super simple paper nurse’s hats and you can make one too using this easy template.


We also found Freshly Picked new hard sole shoes in platinum perfect for our little nurse costumes.

FPshoesNurseCostuemPlayHospital_MerMag1 PlayHospital_MerMag18PlayHospital_MerMag8PlayHospital_MerMag15 PlayHospital_MerMag17

The girls had so much fun learning to care for their little patients.

PlayHospital_MerMag14 PlayHospital_MerMag20 PlayHospital_MerMag23PlayHospital_MerMag16

And some nurses even had to prescribe themselves a bit of sugar water once their shift was up ;).
Remember to be sure to check out mine and Lakeshore’s Instagram feeds this week to see more of our favorites from the Growing Minds Collection!


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October 15, 2015



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    Lola Azul

    October 12, 2015

    Great!! Fantastic!! I love it!!

  2. Reply

    Kat Fratticci

    October 13, 2015

    I absolutely love how you created a world around what they’re playing! It takes imaginative play to another level! I must try this at home when my little ones want to play doctor. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply


      October 13, 2015

      thanks Kat! it really was so much fun. xo Mer

  3. Reply


    October 14, 2015

    This is adorable!

  4. Reply


    October 18, 2015

    guess who wants to be a nurse for Halloween?


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