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    Mimi Hill

    January 28, 2018

    I just saw this, I must be terribly unobservant, and sent you an email through my hotmail address. It was in regard to a project in your book “Playful”, which I absolutely LOVE. If you didn’t receive it or thought it was junk please let me know and I will repeat the message here. I don’t want to be to redundant! Thank you ever so much.
    Mimi Hill

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      January 29, 2018

      I’m not sure I got the email. Can you resend to merrileeliddiard at ? xo Mer

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    Anouschka Troch

    March 14, 2018


    Is it possible to order and buy the giant world map? I think it would be stunning in our newborn-sons room :).


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      March 16, 2018

      Yes, it’s on the website. Just search for map. xo Mer

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    May 7, 2018

    Hello Mer Mag,
    I just love the magnetic skaters artwork and noticed that it says ‘sold out’ at purchase. I’d love to use it to inspire my students (girls school) studying forces in science to make their own versions. Is it available anywhere? I promise to send pictures of the activity! Kind regards, love your work! Michele

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    Angelica REIS CORREA

    June 22, 2018

    Hello MERRILEE LIDDIARD, I am delighted with your work and I never tire of looking and loving everything you publish !!!!! I am Brazilian and DIY lover, and finding you was sensational !!!
    I would love to share your swan cardboard project in my instagram, preferably in the stories, would it be possible?
    Another thing is that I would very much like to check out a project about aa music “itsy bitsy spider” with illustration, paper, paintings, bricks …. etc etc …. theater and then use for a decorated party !!! 2 years that loves this song !!!

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    Dana keren

    January 14, 2019

    I love your blog!
    I wonder if it is possible to purchase a printable format of your illustrated world map for the kids playroom? I would like to print it on a whitened cork wall so that the kids can pin pictures and animal figures to it.
    Thank you


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