Baby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and Ears

Baby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and Ears

Last year I created a series of simple and easy to put together costumes for Kids 21. We had lots of fun with them and with our Playful Cardboard Costume Contest going on I thought it’d be fun to spotlight our little Baby Bat Costume we made with cardboard wings and ears.

Baby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and Ears

Depending on the year and the events we are attending I vary in how complicated I want to get with Halloween costumes (our Octopus Costume being more involved but TOTALLY worth it – she can even wear it again this year for some outings). But sometimes I just want to be able to throw something easy and quick together but has a big cute factor involved. I feel like this little batty ensemble is just that. Just cut out a pair of wings and ears from cardboard and paint them black. Glue the ears onto a headband, tie a ribbon around the wings and pair with a cute black outfit and you’re little creature of the night is ready for a harvest outing with the family. This makes for a fun addition to the dress up box as well.

Baby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and Ears Baby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and EarsBaby Bat Costume with Cardboard Wings and Ears

And an update on our Playful Cardboard Costume Contest! I’ve decided to include all repurposed, up-cycled costume ideas in the contest so it doesn’t have to just be cardboard! Basically reuse something that has had a previous life and make a fun costume from it. I’m giving away 2 of my books Playful as well as additional gifts adding up to $500!! Just tag your creative costume with #playfulcardboardcostumes on Instagram to enter! (and if you tagged under our previous hashtag #creativecardboardcostume you’ll still be entered as well).


photography by Trisha Zemp



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    Kat | The Mama Bears

    October 13, 2015

    This is just too cute! What an adorable little costume! And the perfect way to creatively use some of the extra cardboard one has laying around!

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    June 7, 2017

    She is the popular author of Mer Mag and she makes me want to be a kid again.

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    Helena Garcia

    August 8, 2018

    where is the little dress from??

    • Reply


      August 15, 2018

      It was a gift given to us with hand painted copper detailing. xo


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