Halloween Costumes with Kids 21


We love it when a great costume uses clothing your child will wear again and has wow elements that are simple, affordable and easy to make (did someone say cardboard?). This little clown, baby bat and garden fairy costume do just that! Head over to kids fashion site Kids21 for our ideas on to put these together in no time! They even share ideas for clothing pairings making it super simple.



Whether he’s a happy clown or a grumpy one…he’s still so darn adorable. These giant pompoms make me so happy. We’re obsessed with these Mabo Kids leggings too. He want’s one in every style they offer. And these Bisgaard silver boots I mean c’mon….



I’m dying over how sweet Miss M looks as this baby bat. She’s a candy monster whenever it’s in her sights. We’ll have to watch out come tricks-or-treats!



My little niece made the most perfect garden fairy. I love how this idea could work for any age.

MerMagFairyCostume4 MerMagFairyCostume7

Prettiest garden fairy frock from Mabo Kids (I want everything from Emily’s fall line! SOOO good).

MerMagFairyCostume6 MerMagFairyCostume1

For ideas on how to make put these together see more on Kids 21


photography by Trisha Zemp

23 Responses to “Halloween Costumes with Kids 21”

  1. Lauren

    Oh man! So awesome!!! I will be purchasing your magazine/book today 🙂 I love your photographs too- do you use a white backdrop or paper? It looks so great.

    • Merrilee

      thanks Lauren. You’ll love my book Playful :). These photos were actually taken in a studio by Trisha Zemp. She does such a great job! xo Mer


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