A Birthday Morning for a Three Year Old


Miss M turned 3 last week. We have a tradition of putting up tape on our kids doorways so that they can jump through it into a new year of life (a tradition we got from my friend Ruth Schultz) so that’s how we started off her birthday. We also give our kids one gift on the day of their birthday and then the rest at their friend/family party which is usually later on in the week. On this particular birthday morning morning I thought it would be fun to set her gift outside her door after she jumped through it. BirthdayGirl_MerMag0

This year I added her birthday attire complete with birthday crown along side her gift. I made her a simple leaf crown by sewing leaves to a beautiful piece of french trimming (similar to the fall leaf crown I made last year).


After changing into her birthday dress (which was her “favorite pink one” like she asked) she opened up her pink package.


It was darling to see her squeals of delight as she opened up her new favorite pink pig – Olivia.

BirthdayGirl_MerMag1 BirthdayGirl_MerMag2 BirthdayGirl_MerMag3

clearly she’s smitten with her new favorite pink pig.


And I’m entirely smitten with my new favorite three year old.


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