Make a Simple Autumn Leaf Crown



We had some fun collecting fall leaves and making them into simple crowns. We used some lovely vintage trimmings from the French shop Exquisite Threads which adds just the perfect touch.


Little Miss had to have one for her “baby” doll as well so of course we made one.

If you want to make your own they are super easy and a lovely fall activity to do with your little. Simple collect a handful of large and smaller leaves. Line up all the larger ones in the back and stitch together using a sewing machine. Line the smaller ones in front and stitch a top the back ones. Then pick out a lovely ribbon or trimming and stitch to the very front. We then stitch on additional ribbon to the back to tie together as our beautiful trimmings weren’t large enough to fit around the entire head. We also cut a bit of a pointy crown shape out of the back leaves for fun.



This fall afternoon with my little girl was really so much fun – playing dollies and dress up. It’s a fun change having a girl. I love all our family dynamics and it’s fun to have this little one’s personality added to the bunch! She loves dressing up which is a lot of fun.

IMG_1242  MerMagLeafCrownDoll



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