This past 3 day weekend we took some time to work on a few projects and I decided to finally transform our vintage doll house into a doll’s stage. We’re happy with how it turned out and have been putting on magical performances ever since!I had been wanting to transform this particular doll house into a stage for time. It came with a lip that jutted out just a screaming “use me as a performance stage!”. You can see pics of what it looked like when we first played with it here (and when Miss Milla was just wee thing!).  I knew I wanted to somehow install stage lights and curtains to make this a proper thespian play house. I had recently seen a number of doll houses, including this sweet crate turned doll house via Sofia Mokkasin, where I loved the “window like” use of curtains – and therefore the perfect touch for a stage house. I found some scrap crepe fabric (that had been cut out for a skirt years ago I never made) that worked out to be perfect curtains.I then used IKEA Christmas lights and installed them to the front of the stage. I had to pull together the lights to make them closer so I drilled a hole in between each light and pulled the cord through and then taped (or stapled) the cord to the bottom of the house. I painted the cord and light holders grey to better match the stage as well.

I also love how so many vintage doll houses have legs on them, making it easier for play. (one of my favorites here).  So we took off legs from a stool that had seat that had been ripped – and no longer useful – and put the legs onto the bottom of the house. But if you don’t have a stool, you can find several mid century (or other styles) if you just do an internet search. But look around your house, as you never know what can be repurposed with just a bit of imagination.

As I mentioned, we are having so much fun putting on plays and of course I had to make a bitty bunny ballerina (Milla’s favorite form of dance currently) to go along with her new stage. Which has inspired me to release a small line of bunny ballerina’s for the shop so soon!

December 6, 2017



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    Marta (Pani Sowa - Mrs. Owl)

    January 17, 2018

    Och, it’s totally cool! Beautiful! Magic! PERFECT!

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      January 17, 2018

      oh thank you Marta! xo mer


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