Wallpapering our Vintage Dollhouse

Dollhouse Wallpaper by Mer Mag

I found this simple vintage dollhouse a number of years ago when my boys were younger and we lived in california (another lady really wanted it for her nativity but I had made a claim on it already…but I have always felt I needed to do it justice as I was the one who took it home and it’s been sitting here for years, not being played with). Over the holidays I created some wrapping paper but didn’t end up using it as I wanted to save it for just the right project. And it just recently it occurred to me that this dollhouse is the perfect canvas for it!

Wrapping and Wall Paper by Mer Mag

I had Spoonflower produce my mountain, grid and cat wrapping paper but the cool thing is that they can make it an actual wallpaper and of course fabric as well (I have visions of another cat quilt in the future!). I didn’t use the mountain paper in this project but you can see how I papered the dollhouse in the grid and cat motifs.

DollHouse Wallpaper by Mer Mag

I found some vintage Creative Playthings doll furniture on ebay before Christmas and had to get them for Baby M and this house.

DollHouse Wallpaper by Mer Mag

Baby M is of course still a bit young for this but she’s been enjoying it in her own way…

Vintage Dollhouse and Wallpaper by Mer Mag

Like climbing inside to find her favorite furniture items…to nibble on…

MerMaVintage dollhouse wallpapered by mer maggDollHouseWallpaper8

I won’t deny that I’m just a little bit excited for the day when we can really play dollhouse together. (if I ever try to “play” with my boys Little O promptly tells me that I’m doing it all wrong. They voices are off, the characters aren’t tough enough, and son on).

Dollhouse Wallpaper by Mer Mag

I also had a lot of fun scaling down some of my art for this little house and making balsa wood frames and miniature rugs out of felt.

Face Wall Hanging by Mer Mag

I haven’t made a lot of decor items for Baby M lately either so it was fun painting this simple embroidery hoop face.

I also have a slew of new prints coming to the shop soon, and this Hi Five! print is one of the first and can be found in the shop here.

Hi Five Print by Mer Mag

Now I just need to make a few little friends to inhabit our newly papered and decorated dollhouse. I have a few ideas already and I can’t wait to make them!

Vintage dollhouse wallpapered by mer mag



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    February 21, 2014

    I LOVE this! We are waiting on baby #2 and want to create a shared room for our kids with these kinds of colors. Now THIS is a dollhouse! I am all about awesome vintage finds. Loving your style. -Jen

    • Reply


      February 21, 2014

      congrat Jen! It will be so fun to have a shared room and you’re right these colors are perfect. Thanks for your kind words about the house. xo Mer

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    March 26, 2014

    Beautiful! I’d like a life-sized version of this house to live in, please.


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