CAPSULE WARDROBE  p i e c e  n o.  1 : The Amae co. Kimono Wrap Romper.

So I’ve never intentionally created a capsule wardrobe but over time, as I’ve really honed in on what does and does not work for me- a “capsule wardrobe” of sorts has come to evolve. Basically after spending years with myself I’ve learned that

  1. After kids, my sensory meter went waaay up and the tailored more structured clothing I used to wear when living in NYC before kids just doesn’t work anymore. It needs to be soft (no itchy fabrics) and comfortable.
  2. I’m working with paints and craft supplies, lifting things (and kids) and moving stuff around pretty much everyday. So it has to work with this. I just can’t have one designated paint ensemble – otherwise I’d be wearing it every day! I’m also sewing and therefore usually find random threads on myself throughout the day, (my poor sweaters 😱). I also find that muted and neutral colors are my fav. A clean slate to create in. And
  3. Even though my clothing needs to be simple and comfortable- it also needs to be inspiring. Have something unique and special about it – even (or especially) in a minimal way. I might only see my laptop and kids most days (and I haven’t really photo documented my ensembles)- but I feel more productive and creative when I’m dressed intentionally each day.
    So this year I thought it would be fun to intentionally create (or illustrate) my dream “capsule” wardrobe. Starting with my friend Stacie’s Amae Co. romper in caramel that I’ve had my eye on. Looks so perfect to live in. And mules. Mules and clogs are my go to favs. The slip ons are perfect for wearing at home (i have to wear shoes when I’m working at home, or feel too sluggish). When I’m done with work I just slip on some slippers and we’re good. The ones illustrated here are a version where I cut off the backs of a pair of shoes that weren’t working for me. Wear them everyday now.
  4. Prefer pieces made by women – ethically and sustainably.

I’d love suggestions for your favorite labels or pieces of clothing. I always welcome more wardrobe inspo – and I just might end up illustrating it!

January 16, 2018



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