Milla has been dying to make Valentines with me for her classmates this year and we finally got to it this week. We pulled out the air dry craft clay and set work making clay hearts. We had cookie cutters in the shape of larger hearts but nothing just the size for a bracelet charm so we just had to wing it – using a cut out paper heart as a guide. I actually like the sweet modeled hand made feel of the hearts better in the end.

To present these to her friends I illustrated a hand which can be printed onto any pretty colors of paper. We just picked colors we liked and in the end I love how these ones artfully hint at the beautiful colors of the human family. In the printable you will find 5 different colors ways you can choose from.

On the back of each hand we signed the to: and from:. And if you like sharing candy, just find a candy heart bracelet or something else sweet to attached to the hands and share with others!


If you use this printable in your valentines, we’d love to see them! Just tag us with #mermagvalentines.






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