CAPSULE WARDROBE: p i e c e s 2 + 3: @jessekamm pants and a simple yet signature blouse like this one from @needsupply. In illustrating my dream capsule wardrobe items I thought it would be fun to showcase more of a day-in-the-life-of type situation. I’m in the market for some great wide leg pants and have had my eye on these ones from @jessekamm. I’m quite sure I’d wear them with everything. Running kids to school. Always moving around making things – I think these would hold up. And If you know me, you know I gravitate to wearing black. And I think I’ve been in this gig long enough I no longer feel the need apologize for “playing it safe” and loving black. And grey. But I do like it to have some personality like these ruffles on the Toit Volant blouse (on sale!) at @needsupply – and I try to mix black with fun things like these great @hoss_intropia blue suede shoes – that I really really want. I mean the shiny heel. ❤ I thought I’d add Amelia in a darling @paademode dress that I also want for her. It’s the sweetest. And while on the subject of wide leg pants…do you have any you just love? And recommendations?



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