Kids Craft Camp Badges


If you are looking to put on a Kids Craft Camp of your own tune into Studio 5 today to see some of my tips on how to make it easy and fun from you very own Kitchen table!



And if you want to follow along with our Kids Craft Camp units, Camping, Painting, Nature and Portraits, then these badges will come in handy. Just click on the image above to download the pdf of all the badges. And be sure to tag your camp images and projects with #mermag and #kidscraftcamp in IG and FB so we can all enjoy.




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  1. Pasate por este lugar

    Excelentes consejos. Mi terraza está algo pobre últimamente y había pensado en montar un pequeño jardín. Además dicen que
    es relajante cuidar de las plantas, y es algo que me

    viene de perlas.


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