House Cookies and an Entertaining spotlight on Camille Styles today!


A little while ago Camille Styles asked me to be a part of her Entertaining With series and as I always love a good excuse to celebrate i say yes of course! Deciding on a fanciful kids House Party as the theme, I put together a spread of fun finger foods, fruits and salad and finished it all off with a house cookie decorating party. And we held it in our new industrial studio, Hinterland Workshop!



Mer Mag Cardboard House and Crown

CSEntertainingwithMerMagHouseSpreadWe share my kids favorite summer salad recipe straight from Grandma Mary! Head on over to Camille Styles to get this tasty salad and dressing recipe (that even your kids will love!) and read more about my philosophies for entertaining with kids and more.CSEntertainingwithMerMagMarysSummerSaladDressingCSEntertainingwithMerMagHouseSpread0

I asked Erin, of Dolce by Erin, to make these oversized house cookies for the kids to decorate. She supplied a few blank houses for decorating and then painted a few more based on a two house illustrations I gave her. She used a paintbrush and food coloring and I love how they turned out! (She did the lion and tiger cookies for my Playful book launch party too). The kids loved decorating the blank ones with food markers and even Jessica, our photographer, had to give it a try once the shoot was over. SO fun!

CSEntertainingwithMerMagHouseCookieDecorating3CSEntertainingwithMerMagHouseCookies5 CSEntertainingwithMerMagSummerSalad4KidsFeet

photography by Jessica Peterson

4 Responses to “House Cookies and an Entertaining spotlight on Camille Styles today!”

  1. K.Dean

    I love the idea of getting children involved with biscuit decorating, It’s great fun and the kids will love it. Thanks for the beautiful images.


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