Playfully Made By YOU!


Time for another Playfully Made by YOU! post. I get so giddy and happy when I see your little ones exploring the world of creativity, art and play through my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make with + For Kids.

Like how perfect is little Miette in her twig crown? I love that she collected dried rosemary and lavender twigs for this. Must have smelled amazing. And that lavender color! I’m smitten. Her mom April did the gluing but if you get a low-temp glue gun you can have your little one join in on the gluing fun (the kids used glue guns every day in Kids Craft Camp!).


This image of Lisa’s boy’s with their paper plate lion masks is an all time favorite. I love it when you and your littles take these crafts and run with it. Lisa had them paint with watercolors for the manes, noses and cheeks. LOVE this idea! There’s really no ONE way to do these crafts.


This dreamy light-filled scene, taken by mom Danielle, brings me back to serene moments of childhood. And how fun and playful is the cardboard brownstone in the background? This image just evokes so much imagination in me. I want to jump in and play house right now!


There are slew of templates in the back if you are one for templates but don’t be afraid of winging it either! Quilt maker @asdrexler just freehanded these paper puppets and stuck them on popsicle sticks. No need to make a fuss really – and they turned out so cute!


And speaking of templates, how sweet is Anastatia’s Polly (also pictured in the first image on this post) as she’s looking through Playful and holding up the templates!?



A word on the templates. They aren’t as daunting as you might think. You can trace them or also take them to your local copy shop and have them enlarged and or digitized in just one visit. Then you have them at your disposal in the format you want forever! It’s really worth it I think. I would have LOVED to have added the templates in cd form but that just wasn’t possible for this book. But really this has proven to be the next best thing and works out really well!


Keep sharing your crafts and toys made from Playful! We are all so inspired by them! If you share on FB or Instagram just be sure to use the hashtag #playfultoysandcrafts and perhaps we’ll spotlight you and your little one here!



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