DIY Valentine Heart Magnets

DIY Clay Heart Face Magnet Valentines

My good friend Stephanie (who hosted my baby shower seen here) has this great Valentine’s get together every year just for the gals. Anyway, it’s super fun, filled with delightful people and A-mazing valentines (I still have intense cravings for a certain waffle cookie that was passed one year). A couple of years ago I made these for the event (last year i believe I was sick, or my baby was…one or the other) and so this year I’m so excited. I wanted to be sure to be prepared and, as much as I LOVE making kiddo valentines with my littles, I jump at the chance to do something fun and and creative for a bit older crowd (but of course these could easily be done with your littles too!)

This year I decided to make clay heart face valentines and then turn them into magnets (and afterthought that came when I questioned…”so what exactly are they supposed to do with these after they get them?”).

DIY Clay Heart Face Magnet Valentines


DIY Clay Heart Face Magnet Valentines 

Making the Valentine Face Magnets:

  1. Roll out your sculpey clay with a rolling pin to desired thickness
  2. Cut out heart shapes with cookie cutter
  3. Bake in oven according to clay instructions found on box
  4. Once your hearts are cooled, paint various colors, keeping some white
  5. Once base paint is dry, add facial features with additional paint colors. Let dry
  6. Attache adhesive magnet to the back of your heart.
  7. You heart magnet is ready to go! (I enjoyed playing with faces on these but these would also be so cute painted as the traditional candy conversation heart too. So many options!)


DIY Clay Heart Face Magnet Valentines

You could then package these in some cute little bags or just pass them out as is. Just be sure to make a few more for yourself and your sweetheart. They’re so fun to see up on your own refrigerator holding a sweet love note!

DIY Clay Heart Face Magnet Valentines

15 Responses to “DIY Valentine Heart Magnets”

  1. Ken Faris

    Delightful line drawings. Just finished a sculpey clay fairy painting project last weekend. Viv looked over my should as I was reading this post and said ” Can we make that design?” Guess we know what we are doing tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. Jahaila

    Hi Merrilee, I just recently discovered your blog this week and it’s just gorgeous!!! Beautiful ideas I can’t wait to try! My little girl Zoë is just 15 months but I have her finger painting already lol. I am looking forward to the day she can do these crafts with me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crafts!


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