DIY Animal Envelope VALENTINES!

DIY Animal Envelope Valentines

We’ve been having so much fun with our Animal Envelopes that we couldn’t stop and just one or two! So we decided to take it even further and make a complete set of Animal Envelope Valentines!

DIY Animal Envelope Valentines

To make them we pretty much followed our original technique, only this time we used smaller envelopes and added a little paper heart (made from a paper punch but you could use stickers, etc.) for the nose, making them perfect for a little Valentine to share with classmates!

 DIY Animal Envelope Valentines

It was a lot of fun coming up with different faces and ears. Really you and your little one could make any animal from this technique (or make up your own kind of creature!)

Have your little one address the backs of the envelops (or technically the fronts) to their classmates, fill with candy and seal. And your Animal Envelope Valentines are ready to share!

DIY Animal Envelope Valentines

Just watch out for little candy thief’s (like this cutie pie) while you’re making these. They just might deplete your candy heart stash before you have a chance to pass them out!

Candy Thief

26 Responses to “DIY Animal Envelope VALENTINES!”

  1. Puppet Dad

    …and now I have a project for me and my little munchkin tomorrow 🙂 They look great. Only diff is my little one only scribbles so far but it will look close enough to a name that mommy won’t mind!


  2. Nancy

    Too clever and I love how you manage to put two cute pigtails in your baby girls hair…adorable!

  3. annedbcn

    sorry I already forgot all about the sweet envelopes, I’m just mesmerized by your adorable little girl! I wish mine would still let me do pigtails on her 🙁

  4. Kristy

    I stumbled across these yesterday on Babble and knew we had to make them. My daughter is in her first year of preschool and she’s having a Valentine’s class party this week! We had everything on hand to make them last night and picked out fun little toys and treats to fill them with. She is so excited and I am thrilled that we have a handmade Valentine that looks like so much fun to share with her friends! Thanks for the wonderful DIY!

    • Merrilee

      Thanks Kristy! This is so great to hear. I do hope she has a very happy Valentines with her class and her new animal envelopes! xo Mer


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