LOVE LETTER PALS Printable Valentines in the shop!


This time of year is always so inspiring for me. Must be the LOVELY LOVE in the air…  I know we’ve shared a few valentines ideas already (and you guys are as wild about the animal envelopes as we are! I’m loving seeing all the versions your littles are making on Instagram!) but I couldn’t help but slip one more in before the chocolate filled holiday of l’amour. (And don’t you think love notes and amorous correspondence should be year round thing anyway?).

I wanted to add to the shop, not only printable valentines but also printable party accessories such as soda bottle labels, Valentines Day banners and more (similar to my Halloween and Christmas printable party packs).



Truth be told I’ve fallen for these little love letter pals myself. Mr. Bunny and Kitty have already made a love connection. Kitty is a bit hesitant but with Mr. Bunny’s help, she’s ready to take a chance with her heart.

And Li’l Pig is having a hard time deciding between Mr. Bear (a dreamer with a soft heart and head a bit in the clouds) and Senior Mouse (a simple, shy guy, who’s approach is a bit rusty but who’s heart is longing to love). Who will she pick?!


I love all the options you have with these printables as well (I’m dying to print these guys on fabric and make finger puppets out of them!). You can even cut out and send the larger characters in the mail to a lovely friend using the large envelope option. I know Little O sure is enjoying his new little friends.


And seriously, I’m not sure i’ll ever be able to drink a soda again without this cute little Mr. Bunny on it (all characters are available for the soda bottle in the printable as well).


So, if you’re trying to throw together some last minute valentines (and let’s be honest, we all do it the night before anyway, right) or play a festive gathering for Friday, These Love Letter Pals Printables have got you covered!


8 Responses to “LOVE LETTER PALS Printable Valentines”

  1. Erin

    Hi Merrilee! Your site and illustrations are incredible. Just wanted to let you know that your pinterest icon on your sidebar links to someone else’s pinterest… it’s kinda funny actually if you click it. Just fyi! Thanks for all your amazing posts!

  2. Carlene

    So awesome! LOVE them. It may seem silly but I’m just so dang proud of you and anyone I see from BYU illustration program succeeding. You’re doing a great job making the world more beautiful. Thanks.


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