DIY Nature Mask with Leaves and Flowers

Floral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer Mag

We recently drove up to to visit my sister and her family who have left all semblance of urban living behind for the open fields of Idaho. They live a simple life on a farm with tons of room to roam and explore. Making it a perfect spot for us to play and get crafty with nature!

With a few flowers still in bloom we thought it would be fun to take advantage and make a simple floral and leaf mask. My niece Lizzy played along with me and joined in on the creative fun.

Floral Leaf Mask | Mer Mag

The mask was really simple to make. We’re sharing our version but feel free to play around and come up with whatever nature inspires in you! (I already have more ideas in mind using gorgeous autumn leaves!).


  1. Begin by making a mask template based on your child’s face. Cut out eye holes where their eyes will be. Punch holes for string.
  2. We started by gluing leaves to the outer areas of the mask
  3. We then glued pink flower petals around the eye area
  4. Lizzy wanted to add the yellow petals to look a bit like lashes and then put one right in the center of the eyes. Love it! You can then tie your string in the punched holes and place the mask on.

Floral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer Mag

Floral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloralLeafMask12b_MerMag

I loved getting to know my niece a bit better throughout all this (a bonus that comes out of crafting together!). She has the best imagination and perspective and thought you would enjoy getting to know a bit about her today as well!

Mer: What’s your favorite thing about crafting with nature?
Lizzy: It looks so natural. and it makes me happy to use and appreciate Heavenly Father’s creations.
Mer: What are some things you like to do when you get bored?
Lizzy: Read
Mer: Favorite color?
Lizzy: Purple
Mer: Favorite food?
Lizzy: Soup
Mer: Do you have a favorite toy/game you like to play with
Lizzy: I like to pretend to be a character in one of my books
Mer: What do most like to do with your parents?
Lizzy: I like to make halloween costumes with my mom. I like to work on our house with my dad.
Mer: What do you most like to do with your siblings? (she has three brothers and a new baby sister)
Lizzy: I like to dress up with my siblings
Mer: If you could change the world in some way, what would it be?
Lizzy: Make more awesome books to read
Mer: What is something you like about living in the country/on a farm?
Lizzy: It is so beautiful
Mer: What advice would you give to a younger friend?
Lizzy: A life without books is like no life at all.
Floral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer MagFloral Leaf Mask | Mer Mag


We also tried a fun variation by adding a beak. Basically just fold a tall paper triangle and glue behind the mask.

Floral Leaf Mask | Mer Mag

We loved using some of the flowers that are still in bloom but we can’t wait to try these with the beautiful fall leaves that are starting to appear! Could be so pretty!

And if you make a mask, be sure to share and tag your creations with #mermagnaturecrafts on IG or FB so we can all be inspired. I love seeing the different ways your dressing up our fairy sprites!

September 14, 2015



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    September 19, 2015

    I love these! I’ve just been out with the kids looking for pretty leaves to male our own x

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      September 19, 2015

      oh yay! i’d love it if you shared too! I”m curious to see how these turn out for others. If you post you can tag with #mermagnaturecrafts on IG or FB and I can see. xoxo Mer

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    September 19, 2015

    What a beautiful craft to do with your niece, she seems like such a sweet and lovely girl.

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      June 21, 2016

      thanks dear. she really is such a sweetheart.


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