Child’s Play by Martha Hatfield


Have you seen the darling images from designer Martha Hatfiel and photographer Jacqueline Hayward’s Child’s Play shoot over on Small Fry? They are so lovely. I love these two sisters and Martha’s perspective on play. You can read more about it here.

The Banister House was lucky enough to share it’s walls and love with these girls for part of the shoot.


You can see the home’s namesake “The Banister” in these two photos (above and below). You can also see the work we need to do, but then again I’m also fond of old aged look of things. So happy to have Jacqueline document these imperfect walls before changes are made.

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Models: sisters, Swayzie and Eliza
Locations: Our home (the Banister House) and Squaw Peak, Provo Canyon (seen in the post here)
Children’s Clothing: BOHEM | @bohemstore and Hum Stitchery | @hum_stitchery


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  1. Jen

    The house is so beautiful Mer, I would have a hard time covering up those beautifully imperfect walls too. So much charm.


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