I love where we live. I love love love the Banister House and all that it brings to our family. And I love that we are moments away from the the mountains, and from the country and also from the “city”. As a mom I’m more content with my little family and in putting down roots more than ever. But it’s been a long time coming. I love to travel and live in different places (I’ve lived in Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Tennesse, Utah & California – to name a few) and I love to expose my children to different landscapes and cultures.


But it kept feeling like we needed to find a home base to settle into for at least more than three years (the longest we’ve ever lived in one place as family). And for the present, we’re really happy here. Particularly when we can just drive 10 min to a hidden ranch up the canyon where kids can run and frolic. Or to a reservoir 3 min away where we can meet friends for a swim and a bbq. I grew up with fields, a barn and a bit of country right on the outskirts of a city and I loved having the best of both worlds. I always wanted my kids to chase frogs, wade in ditches and dream up imaginary tales with sheet tents in vast fields as I did as kid. But then also be able to have whatever dream they schemed up realized with plenty of resources and opportunties at their doorstep – something I felt a city could often give you. Along side boutique shops, great restaurants, interesting culture, art museums, the theater and more. I wouldn’t say the city part of me is fully realized (to my liking) where we live but I’m contented (at least for now). But we are only 45-1 hr away from SLC and we continue to get more and more great restaurants around us. The University provides a lot of as well. And with the aim to travel more in the next few years all these needs with hopefully be satiated.

KidsJollysRanch KidsJollysRanch1 KidsJollysRanch2  KidsJollysRanch5KidsJollysRanch4

So for now, we’re pleasantly happy with our sorta urban-country life.



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    Jeanette Nyberg

    September 15, 2015

    Oh, I love these pics! I need to get further away from Chicago than I am now- I feel like as I get older I just want more of the country and less of the urban.

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    Mrs. A

    November 26, 2015

    Love these pictures – what fun! We just got home from Thanksgiving with the grandparents – who live on a diary farm only 1 1/2 away from us (we live in the big city). Every time we visit, I am reminded how lucky we are to have this farm in the family where the kids can run around. 🙂

    Lovely blog – BTW. Your costumes and creations are wonderful! We also have a little girl who turned 3 in October and loves dress up (she actually has the red dress in these pictures, but in blue – her favorite color).


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