WHAT TO WEAR when traveling in Amsterdam (in the Spring)


I wanted to share what I loved wearing in Amsterdam (in early May) – and also what I wish I wore. Like spring in most places- think in layers. First off you’ll need a good rain jacket – weather in Amsterdam in the spring can be finicky and definitely rain can be expected. I prefer jackets not too heavy but just warm and long enough to block the wind and rain. (Then I wear a warm enough top underneath). I had looked for a jacket before my trip with no success and then found the perfect trench while in Amsterdam – made by Ichi. I then recommend pairing it with a scarf – which becomes especially useful when riding a bike when cold wind might be whipping in your face. I also found a wool beret in a vintage shop there which also helped a lot with keeping just the right temperature. You’ll want an umbrella as well – probably one more compact than shown here (just more fun to paint one like this). I didn’t want to pack one so I just purchased one on my first day in the city. I also recommend bringing along a simple cotton market tote for purchases – groceries or just to keep things separate in your backpack- which I also recommend bringing. I brought an Anello Bag which is so great and easy to open up and stay open without collapsing on itself.
When packing pants keep in mind bike riding, walking and comfort – and style for fun ☺️. I like pants from Toast and Margaret Howell. Comfy walking shoes are a must and keep in mind rain. I actually wore Avarca Pons sandals a lot as I don’t mind getting them wet and feeling the breeze and rain on my feet but I might be a little bit crazy 🤷🏻‍♀️. I also think a pair of Veja tennis would be great. I brought Natives which also worked well. In addition to a back pack I recommend an over the shoulder (or waisted) bag just big enough for your essentials such as phone, ID, cards and cash (Note: don’t put your cash in a coin purse in your pocket. Its not necessarily common but you could get pickpocketed like I did). And lastly- I love to bring on-the-go art supplies – such as a compact watercolor set, pencils and a sketch book. Below is a building sketch I did while in the city.

June 7, 2019



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