Meet the latest travel doll Anouk of Amsterdam! She is the second installment in our Travel Girls series (You might remember Colette of Paris? And then Kayllyn of NYC coming up next!). AnoukĀ is a city girl who loves cycling, flower shopping and sketching. And of course the occasional stroopwafel- but preferably made fresh in the De Pijp Albert Cuyp market. She also loves writing to her penpals Colette of Paris and Kaitlyn of NYC. Anouk is kind, adventurous and calming, making her the perfect friend to bring along with you on any of your travels.

Thank you for all who helped to decide on her name over on Instagram (it was a close call between Anouk and Ingrid) and also which Canal house Anouk lives in (you chose the far right brick house). It’s been fun to develop her together! I can’t wait to work on decorating her top floor bedroom with all of you next!

Anouk comes with a a printable Amstedrdam sketch book that you can put together and draw what you see around you (or what you dream of seeing in Amsterdam) each day! Fill it up, and then just print out another to start a whole new series of travel sketch books! The Anouk doll is a midi size doll who is 25″ from head to toe. She has hand dyed wool hair tied up in loop braids. She wears a rust auburn linen pinafore paired with a floral cotton blouse and corodinating reversible pixie bonnet. And of course pairs it all with signature black maryjane shoes.

All the Travel Girl dolls are made-to-order and you can find Anouk of Amsterdam in here. Where you take your Travel girl to?



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