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With two spirited boys in the house, it’s no surprise that their wardrobes go through quite a bit – mud, wrestling, climbing, pulling, splashing, tugging, drenching…and much more. And because of this I’m pretty picky about what I purchase for them to wear. I want it to not only stay relatively sturdy, but to also be unique, visually interesting and capable of being mixed and matched relatively painlessly with a number of other wardrobe items – and all by 6 and 4 year olds. Sounds like a tall order, no?  But with the help of some of my favorite clothing brands, I’m happy to report that we’ve been able to do just that.


One of our favorite go to places for fun, unique and high quality clothing, such as this all-over tools tee, is Winter Water Factory. Their clothing is not only sturdy but super soft and comfortable to wear (this well worn and well loved construction tee has easily lasted through some serious escapades thanks to my two boys). I would say my little lads reach for their clothing first for comfort reasons and I’m just happy with how it all ends up looking.


And speaking of comfort, well I’ve got a 6 year old that will squiggle and squirm, complain and revolt if his clothing is anything but comfortable to wear. Which is why we also really love these Wunway pants (yes we borrow from the girls every now and then) which are super roomy and comfy. A must have for this little anarchist.


But let’s not leave out little baby girl in all of this. If there are two things that baby’s are keen on it’s being simultaneously cute and comfy.


And this Winter Water Factory Leaves and Berries Luna Baby dress is just that – equal parts deliciously darling and scrumptiously sturdy.


Next up, I need to try out their playful pants. And with this sale going on, I think I might find one or two things I just might have to add to our arsenal…


March 8, 2013


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    March 12, 2013

    Beautiful kids you have, really..


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