Bitty Black Bunny Treat Bag


The kids and I are pretty crazy about our all time favorite easy bunny candy pouches but who says you can have too many bunny bags for Easter? Especially if you have a Jelly Bean hunt tradition, started by your grandfather, in which you need little baggies to hold all of your little jelly beans in. So I made this bitty black bunny treat bag for just such an occasion.

I hand painted this little guy on a simple muslin baggie . If you want to make one of your own, you can start by downloading this template.


You can then either print it out on iron-on paper or run the muslin bag right though your printer, making it easy to create multiples.

Once complete, you can fill your bunny bag full of treats and treasures, sure to be enjoyed by your little one!


10 Responses to “Bitty Black Bunny Treat Bag”

  1. Jackie

    I’ve got a TON of muslin leftover from our DIY wedding. These are a super cute idea. I like that they’ll be reusable too!


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