Star of Wonder Advent Calendar


We started our Star of Wonder advent calendar today. The kids are so excited! I first introduced our idea here but I’ll fill you in a bit in this post as well.starofwonderadvent

We have a sweet little clothe calendar the we usually use but I wanted to mix thing up a bit this year and It really surprised the boys. I this year I decided to fill each paper star with not only a fun selection of treats and treasures but also a little message of wonder and light. A reminder to us all that if we choose light (yes its a daily choice I believe) goodness, knowledge, magic, wonder, kindness, truth and love our world will always shine brighter and truer than any darkness we might encounter.

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Today’s first treat was gold coins along with a quote about angels being guardians of truth and light. I had prefaced to the kids that each day would bring something to excite the senses, a toy or a candy. Something that would make them fill a moment of magic and happiness. But it also carried in it a message that if read and applied in their lives would carry constant light and happiness that would never go away. My oldest, my nine year old son, was able to grasp the concept the best but I still think they others will enjoy reading something uplifting.

I was also excited to find this little wire hanging rack just in the nick of time at our favorite antique mall in Springville, UT, Treasures. I’m happy with how it worked into things and we might just keep it there for messages and mail in the future. (Oh and how sweet is this Wren and James little pinafore┬áMiss M has on!?)

December 2, 2015



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    December 2, 2015

    Oh, beautiful!

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      December 27, 2015

      thank you dear! xo

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    December 2, 2015

    So how do you decide who gets what? Are there 3 different things in each star? Cute idea!

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      December 27, 2015

      yes there are three different items in each star. they would have a mini discussion on days the items were different (but still similar like three different dinosaurs) and each would take one and then move on about their day. xo Mer

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    Kat | The Mama Bears

    December 14, 2015

    I am in love with this advent calendar! We have never done one before in our family and I was looking for one that would be beautiful and simple. I’m going to save this one for next year! Thank you so much for sharing your take on this holiday tradition!


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