Sleepy Doll Slumber Party!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

We had such fun at our sleeping doll slumber party shoot. Miss M was such a good party host and care taker of all these dollies.

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

I’m hoping to have a handful of these oversized craft-along dolls (and maybe even a few sleeping bags) made specifically for Christmas orders soon. But in the mean time I do have just a couple more spots for custom doll orders if you’re interested. You can email me at merrilee liddiard at hotmail dot com and we can get started on your little darling!

Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls
Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls Mer Mag Dolls

6 Responses to “Sleepy Doll Slumber Party!”

  1. Ashley

    Hi! I would be very interested in purchasing two dolls to give as Christmas gifts if possible. I sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


    • Merrilee

      Hi Emily! Thanks for asking. all over. This particular dress is from Old Navy if you can believe it. I also love Mabo and Olive Juice Kids are also go to places for me. xo Mer


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