Simple Scenes: This week at the Banister House

MER MAG | the banister houseMER MAG | the banister house

We’re slowly getting back into gear with school. Are your kids in school yet? It’s been both exhausting, trying to get all our ducks in a row, and somewhat more peaceful trying to settle into a schedule with the boys gone for the day (No more little O coming home for lunch which I def. miss).  Little Miss and I are having fun but she’s now decided to quit napping (right in my peak work time) so theres that. I’ve been working on doll prototypes (it’s taking me a bit longer than anticipated) but I’m having a lot of fun. Miss M is too (and thinks they are all for here…good things she likes to share :)).

MER MAG | the banister house

Both these kids turn another year older in Oct. so I have to start thinking birthday plans. Little O lost his first tooth recently as well and he’s the cutest little pirate because of it.

MER MAG | the banister house

And in more Banister House news, we are knee deep in bathroom renovation (and we’re talking about our one and only very large bathroom – so it’s no weekend do-over). I’m super excited with how it’s coming along and can’t wait to share more.

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