School Lunch Notes and Stickers


My kids love school. Especially my oldest. But let me tell you he’s now entering the 4th grade and things just got real. We sat down and went over his homework expectations for the week (because he still thinks he can run off to the neighbors and play all afternoon/evening like he did in the summer) and after getting an idea of what was expected, he full on burst into tears. I’ve honestly never ever seen him like this. He LOVES to perform. He loves math, puzzles, order, clear expectations, checking off lists etc. But for the first time all of it was just too much. And my heart broke in two.

So we took a deep breath, started over, went a bit slower and I tried to offer more encouragement. We broke it down day-by-day etc. and I reminded him of how smart he is and how it just takes some getting used to but that he’ll be in the swing of things in no time. (but seriously, it is a load of homework – maybe too much in my opinion. I feel a bit like we’re having homeschool after he gets home from public school! I’m sure it will get better and my homework helping muscles will grow too).

MerMagSchoolLunchNotes2  MerMagSchoolLunchNotes9

So by way of encouragement I made up a few notes of encouragement and put together some stickers to make school supplies (or afterschool homework supplies!) more fun and appealing. I added a download of everything in the shop as well if you’re interested in using these notes and stickers yourself. I even put a smaller version of the “Hi Five!” and “Thumbs Up!” print in there too.

I know he can do it and soon his schedule will be more familiar and his brain will adapt. And once he get’s past the overwhelming feeling he’ll soon realize that he’s capable and can do this no problem. We just have to be more disciplined with our time (which is not really our style) and I’m sure it will all fall into place.


Visit the shop here if you’re interested in downloading these notes and stickers. And please, if you have any tips, or commiserating stories 😉 I’d love to hear them!


(sweetest doodle notebook by Start Creative, glue from Yoobi and my favorite Stabilo pens)






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