Playing with Dolls


I’ve been working on my series of oversized craft-along dolls and have been having lots of fun! I’m planning on three different hair styles, starting with this two bun version – so we’ll see how it goes. Each face is hand painted, so each are different, and I’ve loved getting to know these dolls in the process. I think it would be so cute for each doll to come with a necklace that the child could paint or string along themselves. I also love the idea of doing DIY projects for the dresses they come in (like stamping patterns, drawing on them with bleach pens, etc.). And of course you could do many of our crafts here for the dolls as well – such as the cardboard wings, etc.MerMagCraftaLongDolls

I’m still in working on ironing out a few things on these dolls but hope to have my first batch out soon!

June 26, 2015



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