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Lion Pinata from Mer Mag's Kids Craft Camp

As I mentioned yesterday, we held our fist local Kids Craft Camp this week! It was a hit complete with four units, 1) Camping, 2) Nature, 3) Portraits 4) painting/printmaking. The kids sewed their own sashes and created a badge each day to go along with the unit of that day. With finished off with a bang in our painting unit with a piñata party! (the kids helped to paint the mane of this treat holding lion). I’m excited to do more detail recaps next week but be sure to check out our @kidscraftcamp IG feed, as well as @mer_mag for more photos in the mean time!

More things from this week:


Speaking of Kids Craft Camp, having a great discussion here on how instruction in kids art is valuable. What are you thoughts?

A Matisse dress? Yes please

maybe my favorite application for paint swatches

how sweet would a cardboard brownstone doll house be with these row house book shelves!

I’m seriously considering a giant glass corner window like this for the Banister House

more giant woodsy pencil art!!!

This swim suit

This dress

These sandals

This location

July 2, 2015



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