I’ve been working on catching up from our Disneyland trip (will share more on that soon! including what we recommend doing when you go with your family!). I thought I’d share a few scenes from the Banister House (our newly purchased historic home) such as this great one of Miss M dancing away on Easter morning (she ditched her Easter dress for this tutu and we just went with it).FireplaceBanisterhouseMerMag

We also have a great deal of work to do in the bathroom (floors need help, new tub, vanity, sink, fixtures, etc.). But it’s got a lot of potential. My favorite aspect of it is the fireplace (seen above) which was from the original cabin kitchen (the back part of the house was an 1860’s cabin which was built onto in 1897 in a revival gothic manor giving inhabitants more room to grow). I look forward to long bubbly soaks in a claw-foot tub with a once again working fireplace. Dreamy right?! Now to find the perfect tub, tile (the wood floors are shot in the rest of the room 🙁 ), vanity, sinks and more. Any suggestions on great places to find these items? I’d love to here. Oh and this room also houses our washer and dryer…so it’s good it a somewhat decent size room because it’s got a lot of tasks it has to perform for our little family! PasadenaAntiqueCenterMirrorFind_MerMagAfter our trip to Disney we drove through our old haunts in South Pasadena (where we lived 3 yrs again and where little O was born), stayed with my uncle and went to the Pasadena Antique Gallery. This was my first time there! And I’m obsessed. I already want to go back. I found this vanity mirror there and managed to get it home in one piece (not an easy task with three rowdy kids but we did it!).


April 17, 2015



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