We’re so excited to announce the launch of our collaboration ‘Summer Nostaglia’ that has been in the works for over a year with timeless children’s wear designer Kiley of Wren and James. Together we created 4 unique pinafores for both little girls and their dolls to wear. We wanted something that reminded us of the simple and playful summers of the past. Where children played with simple rag dolls and roamed on boardwalks, beaches and small town carnivals. Eating cotton candy and joining in hula hooping, jump rope and other past time favorite games. 

I illustrated little bunnies for our grey ‘bunny print‘ matching pinafores, and inky blue and soft clay hand painted stripes for the ‘blue stripe’ and ‘clay stripe‘ matching doll and girl pinafores. We also have an adorable ‘color block‘ pinafore with raw edge pockets (that I’m obsessed with) that is made with hand dyed rose linen and has my heart. Each pinafore is linen and beautifully made in the US. Each doll is hand sewn and has a hand painted with soft velvety hair, perfect for snuggling. Each are my favorite.

We also named the dolls in this collection after our girls, Amelia, Mazie, Margot, Greta, and then Kiana (after our sweet model here on the right) and Imogen. You can get each girl in any of the four pinafores to match your daughters dress and in a variety of hair styles: pigtails, top knot and side buns. We also have a few doll dresses in stripes that you can purchase separately for another dress your doll can change into!


We’re so excited about seeing everything finally come together and are in love with this photoshoot with Tracy Layne Photography.


We can’t wait to see which doll and pinafore you pick out! Start here!

June 18, 2017


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    Marta "Nefertari"

    July 11, 2017

    How lovely shot! I’m love it! So beautiful!


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