Happy Father’s Day! We painted father’s day portraits and this is what I came up with for Jon. 

Jon, always puts connection over perfection. He’s the kind of dad who listens intently, is always empathetic, and with an ever busy schedule will always make time to wrestle with the kids and tell dad stories (and event where he puts on a mini play with the kids for a bedtime story). Naturally the kids and I adore him.

I also had to say how grateful I am for my father – who showed me that I could make anything with my hands and create magic for my kids if I just put in the time and the love. He made us giant floor puzzles, many doll houses, a train table and much more. He’s just “figure it out” attitude has really influenced me a lot.

Happy day to all nurturing, kind, fun loving, good men who are great fathers.


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    August 18, 2017

    Father is a hero figure for every child. My dad is no exception. He’s a great father to me. Everything he does is always the best for his children. His firmness, his gentleness, his concern, his responsibilities are all inspiring in my life. On this Father’s day, I also want to thank him for all the sacrifices he has made for me, mother and the whole family. And I want to celebrate this special day together by making a memorable party for him. Maybe you also want to celebrate this fathers day together. All accessories and decorations can be found easily at partyshop.nl; Everything can be purchased by online.


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