Make a Bandit Bunny Mask for Easter

Bandit Bunny Mask | Mer Mag

My boys are getting older and therefore getting more opinionated about what they will and will not wear/do/etc. Anything cutesy is pretty much off the table. Bunny ear headbands are in the banned group. Solution? Put a bandit mask on the bunny ears and suddenly it’s no longer cutesy but cool! And I get to still see him as a cute little bouncing bunny. Win win.

Bandit Bunny Mask | Mer Mag

To get the template and full DIY instructions for this bandit bunny mask head over to Julep.

Bandit Bunny Mask | Mer Mag

I termed this a bandit bunny mask but he quickly informed me that he was a ninja bunny. Way cooler…

Bandit Bunny Mask | Mer Mag

(oh an he’ll still wear overalls thanks to Mario. Just don’t call him cute or he’ll go all ninja on you ;))

Bandit Bunny Mask | Mer Mag



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    March 31, 2015

    this is magic, Mer. MAGIC!

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    April 18, 2015

    Oh thank you! Brittany


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