Fill your Easter basket with Playful goodies this year!

Cardbaord Easter Bunny Ears | Mer Mag

We’ve been having fun playing with PLAYFUL at our house as of late. You might notice that I love to use holidays and celebrations as great ways to encourage creativity with kids. So why not make a Playful themed Easter basket this year!?

Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag

Start by filling the baskets with little DIY goodies from the book, such as a few paper puppets (which you could make on the small side such as we did here with the cake toppers) and have them poking out of the basket. Fun DIY materials such as wooden balls and a disc for your little one to paint their own doll face necklace would be so cute too! Add a few other fun trinkets (we love vintages finds such as this sweet bunny, plastic plane & car and necklace), creative supplies (such as these fun Yoobi pencils and clay) some tasty treats along side the book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With and For Kids, and your little bunny will be all set for a creative and playful Easter! Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag

All the kids in our house have been crazy about our bandit bunny mask so it was only natural that our Playful trapeze doll get one too! You can download a template for mask sized just for her here! (and of course if you decide to make your doll a different size than the patterns in the book adjust the mask accordingly).

Trapeze Doll Bunny Bandit Mask | Mer Mag

Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag


We like to have one fun “wow” item in each basket so this doll would be perfect. There is also a little bunny pillow DIY in the book too which would be darling as well. If you purchased the printable fabric (I found mine at Joann’s) today or tomorrow you could still totally sew these in time for Easter! (Or you could just trace/paint the designs right onto the fabric as some have done. Works out nicely too).

Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag        Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag

I think Miss M literally thinks Playful was made just her and her alone. Every time she see’s it she opens it up to the bio page with her on my lap and points each of us out. She then goes through the book craft by craft pointing crafts and toys out that she loves to play with and friends and family members she recognizes. It’s a bit adorable – I’m not going to lie.

Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag Playful Easter Basket | Mer Mag

And just a quick note on the banister house. This here is our Master bedroom and I love love love the light that streams in so soft and moody like. Only problem is that this is where I work as well (on the opposite side of the room) and it’s often tempting to turn around and just snuggle into bed for a wee nap. When we get my office in order down stairs (which will be awhile as it’s one of our last projects – its big and has some wall/floor issues that need to be worked out) I won’t be tempted to nap as much I’m sure but for now I just have to fight the urge ;).


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    April 1, 2015

    oh I’m looking for such a bed (without the head piece) for a while. where did you get it from? Thanks Nadine


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