In our Kids Craft Camp painting unit we ending with putting together a lion piñata for a the last day of camp. We based it off of the Tiger piñata in my book Playful and had each of the kids help paint bright stripes onto the lions mane.



I love doing both individual and group projects in camp. I think the group ones really help to show how when working together they can really make something great. And I think they enjoy seeing and knowing they made a contribution to a lager shared creation.



On the last day of camp we filled the piñata with candy and let the kids have a swing. It really was loads of fun for us all. LionPinataforMerMag'sKidsCraftCamp8LionPinataforMerMag'sKidsCraftCamp5

Even my assistant got in on the action and she ended swinging the final swing that broke the piñata open – in turn unleashing crazy candy pandemonium.


And call me unorthodox but I don’t make my piñata’s with fringe. Not as a principle, but it’s just that I’ve yet to ever do it. Fringe is great and all but I’m such a fan tissue paper applied in mod podge layers and then adding paper and paint, etc. Maybe someday I’ll fringe it up…but for now i’m pretty settled on this technique. 🙂



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