Kids Craft Camp: Nature Crowns and Cloaks


It’s hard to pick which unit of Kids Craft Camp is my favorite but I really love the nature unit. Particularly our nature walk with kids adorned is self-made paper grass crowns and fabric painted cloaks. MerMagsKidsCraftCampNatureUnit4

In our July session we made twig and leaf crowns but this time I thought it would be fun for the kids to paint paper grass crowns. And they loved it. They delved into some fun painting and texture techniques where they used combs to created a scratchy grass like texture. This was tons of fun for a lot of the kids.


For the cloaks each child received a yard of fabric to decorate. They laid down real leaves in whatever pattern they like and then they sprayed over the leaves with fabric dye (using gloves, etc.). The kids really really enjoyed this part. Getting to mess with spray paint is a all around win win for kids. We then took them outside to dry on a rack and I just love how each and everyone’s turned out. If your doing this at home it might be fun to go on a walk beforehand looking for leaves.


Once the cloaks and crowns were dry we went on a nature walk looking and listening for all things inspiring in nature. Our studio is by a pasture with gorgeous horses and the kids really loved seeing and interacting with them from the other side of the fence.

We dubbed ourselves as kings and queens of nature for a day and talked a bit about what it would means to be a steward over the earth and how we would help to keep her clean and thriving. We also delved into imaginary worlds with castles made from talk rocky mountains and lairs deep beneath the sea.


Yes, I think it’s safe to say it was a magical day for all.


beautiful photography by Shannon Weight (one of the Kids Craft Camper’s mom who came with us on our walk)

August 17, 2015



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