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Summer is flying away and it’s time for us to get set for another school year. In actuality I really love this time of year (if not for mourning summers end). It’s full of promise, new beginnings, slight signs of crispy fall on it’s way…and lots of fresh smelling school supplies! We have a tradition of having a Back-to-School Dinner with a theme that gets the kids back into the swing of things school wise with a bit a encouragement. We find it a great way to transition into a new routine. This year our Back-to-School theme was “Knowledge Gives You Wings”.



I made each child a set of cardboard paper wings and placed them on the table before our dinner. This year I also thought it would be fun to present them with their new clothing, backpacks and supplies at the table as well.


They loved it! And after trying on their clothing each of them jumped out a new school-year older! And we all celebrated each child saying things like “what! how can you be a 4th grader?!! get back in the bathroom and rewind time already! I can’t handle you growing up so old!” Fits of giggles and proud grins were the result. I think we found ourselves an new tradition. We then finalized it all with a dinner (cauliflower mac n cheese, my kids absolute favorite, thanks to Jessica Seinfeld) and finished it off with a cake.KnowledgeGivesYouWingsDinner


At the dinner we talked about what the phrase “Knowledge Give You Wings” means. Little O was mostly excited about the possibility of learning how to make actually real life wings for himself. He liked the idea that the more he knew, more he could do. We also had the children write or draw one thing that they hoped to learn this year – which was very revealing and sort of hilarious (like AJ really wanted to learn how to be the Easter Bunny’s apprentice. Who knew?!).

But by far the biggest hit was the cardboard paper wings. All of my kids were crazy about them. And best part for me?- super easy to make.KnowledgeGivesYou(paper)Wings

To make the wings you’ll need:

  • large sheet of cardboard (to tape two together at the center of the wings)
  • paper/card stock in the color of your choice (or poster board which is what we used for the largest black wings)
  • ribbon to tie the wings on
  • duct tap to reinforce the ties
  • scissors & a utility knife




Making the wings:

  1. Fold your large sheet of cardboard in half and draw one side of the wing onto it. Using a utility knife and a self healing mat (or strong scissors) cut out that one side leaving the center of the wings on the fold.
  2. Trace that side of the wing onto the other side of your folded cardboard and proceed to cut out the other side of the wings.
  3. Cut out feather shapes from your card stock and hot glue onto your cardboard wings starting at the bottom.
  4. Continue gluing all the feathers on from the bottom all the want to the top. Trim away any excess from the top
  5. To wear the wings I simply cut a long strip of ribbon and criss-crossed it the formation above in the drawing and hot glued onto the cardboard just at the criss-cross section. l then added some duct tape on top for extra-reinforcement.

wings close up

PaperWings11MerMag  PapeWingsGreyPaperWingsGrey2PapeWingsPaleTeal

MiMiSitting   PapeWingsPaleTeal2

lilshoesPapeWingsPaleTeal+Black MinAlice+Ames1siblingsdancingwithwings

The kids had so much fun playing and dancing with their wings and I loved capturing special moments such as this sweet sister-brother dance.


On Mimi: Sweetest little Alice + Ames Blossom Top and Short in black; thrifted shoes

On the boys: Target clothing and Coverse sneakers


August 18, 2015



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    August 19, 2015

    These are beautiful!

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    Nora Ballantyne

    September 12, 2015

    Wow!! So pretty. And a fantastic way to visualize your theme. Love it. Just disordered your IG and blog today via oldhouselove and zinas momsstuff. I’m a fellow maker and creative, huge Montessori mom and Utah dweller. Keep up the gorgeousness!

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      September 12, 2015

      oh thank you Nora! and thanks for popping in! xoxo Mer

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    December 19, 2017

    Just finished making some white wings for my 7 yr. old who chose to be an angel for AWANA’s “dress like a nativity character” night. She is super pleased, and these turned out fantastic. Thank you for the inspiration and easy how-to.


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