Host your own Kids Craft Camp!


Hi Friends! I’m over on Studio5 KSL today talking about how to run your own Kids Craft Camp from your very own home!


Last summer I held two Kids Craft Camps and it was a blast! We split things up into units such as Camping, Nature, Portrait, Animals, etc. I learned a lot such as how to set up a classroom, keep kids engaged, and how to start of right so that everyone is on on the same page and things don’t get too out of control 😉 as well as what type of crafts seemed to wokr best and how to get kids to think outside of the box and put their own stamp on things. I put all of this in a little syllabus, on top of the 8 engaging craft DIY videos, badges for each unit and toy downloads, in our online Kids Craft Camp and am sharing it with you this weekend at a 10% discount using code “studio5“.

MerMagsKidsCraftCampNatureUnit5 MerMagsKidsCraftCampNatureUnit2 Kids Craft Camp | Animal Unit Kiddie Made Cat Mask | Mer Mag Kids Craft Camp LionPinataforMerMag'sKidsCraftCamp9 KidsCrafCampBadgesandFaceBlocksviaMerMag

Wooden Bead Puppet | Mer Mag & Kids Craft Camp


If you hold a camp we’d love to see pics and hear how it goes! tag pics with #kidscraftcamp on Instagram and Facebook to share. Can’t wait to see your little Picasso’s at work!

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