Back-to-School Atly Class Sale!

Back To School Atly

Have you seen the sale that Atly is having a back-to-school sale on ALL of their online classes?!! 20% off all classes today and tomorrow! And that includes my online Kids Craft Camp Class! Woohoo!

And good news! For all of those who have asked for a curriculum for the Kids Craft Camps I put on over the summer, I’ve since included a pdf with all that info in this online camp as well! It’s perfect for preschoolers and can easily be modified for after school camps too (not just for summer). Below are a few screen shots to give you a preview of what sort of information will be in the pdf.

KCCCurricullumScreenShot1 KCCCurricullumScreenShot2

Find the entire pdf in the online camp here.


top photo Trisha Zemp

bottom photo Shannon Weight



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    October 8, 2015

    Hi, love your creative mind. I was just wondering where your wood clip boards are from (shown in Kids Craft Camp)? Thanks.

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      October 8, 2015

      Thanks Elaine! I actually found those from a thrift store right before the camp. Apparently they were used in a restaurant to take orders. But you could make your own. These were from an old wine crate lid and someone had attached a metal clip on top. xo Mer


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