Happy Fathers Day Weekend!

Kid Craft Camp Play Station with Paulo's | mer mag

We’re so excited to for Kids Craft Camp to start next week! We can’t even believe it’s here already. I’ve been working hard on getting everything together for your little ones and have had lots of hands to help. I’ve recently discovered that Jon is the good luck charm when it comes to thrift shopping (second only to Meta of course! she’s got the serious touch). We found SO much great stuff such as these wooden clip boards below (pics from my IG feed). We’re going to use them on a little nature walk Plein Air drawing/watercolor activity and I’m crazy excited about it.

Setting up Kids Craft Camp

I’m also crazy excited about these things I’ve found around the web this week. Check out these Weekend Links:


i HAVE to get this wooden play makeup set for my daughter who’s obsessed with all things pigment, makeup, and lotions

and speaking of makeup, have you ever thought of carving out shapes from your lipstick? tricky but totally awesome

these shadow words are a great drawing activity for older kids! I’m super impressed with the results

Ana’s tiny dancers have my heart

chatting about why we don’t have more natural playscapes in the US for kids here. Any thoughts?

now this is a the kind of glass house I could get on board with!

and this dad wins the prize for awesomeness. and speaking of which…

Happy Father’s Day weekend!






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