Duct Tape Watch – with a little extra Fathers Day Surprise!


Jon is a super fan of watches. Whenever we walk by a watch store he stops and has to go in, check out all the inner workings, picking out his favorite style, etc. He’d own one for every day of the week if he could I’m sure. SOoooo the kids and I decided to make him a watch! And one out of duct tape and a few other recycled materials of course!

To make this watch we used:

  • the lid of a large catsup bottle (for a fun flip top)
  • duct tape strips
  • paper for watch hands
  • 1 brad
  • black acrylic paint
  • hot glue


  1. Begin by folding and braiding three strips of duct tape. (See our headband tutorial for more directions on this step).
  2. Fold a strip of duct tape – sticky side out – to act as a “closure”. (You could also attach sticky velcro for longer use)
  3. Using a large catsup bottle lid paint on numbers to create a watch face
  4. Cut out two strips of card stock for watch hands. Punch holes into hands and attached through middle of the lid using a brad. Add a dab of hot glue to secure to the other side.
  5. Attach the face of the watch onto the duct tape band. We glued another square of tape under the watch face (not shown in the pic) to make it easier to glue onto the band. Then using hot glue, we attached the face to band.


The kids had a lot of fun giving their dad the watch and he loved it!

Little did he know…


That that wasn’t the last watch we’d be giving him for Father’s Day!


Shortly after we presented him with the duct tape watch, the kids had him close his eyes for another surprise. They then ran back to get out a wooden box and placed it in his hands.

After opening his eyes he found a gorgeous wooden box. And then proceeded to open it up to find a gorgeous wooden watch from Jord!! I picked out the Sully Series from maple and cherry and it’s exquisite.


Needless to say Jon flipped. It was gorgeous, perfectly his style and delivered in a beautiful wood box with heavenly woodsy scent.  MerMagFathersDayZordWoodenWatch3

He couldn’t love the kids play watch more but this was a pretty great cherry on the top.MerMagFathersDayZordWoodenWatch4

And a perfectly fitting gift for a dad who puts his family first all the TIME. MerMagFathersDayZordWoodenWatch1

We’re all sure lucky to have this guy around and are excited to celebrate him more this weekend!



Wooden Watches by JORD



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